Book details world market

Dec 6, 2005 4:45 AM

Michael Wiesenberg’s Ultimate Casino Guide: (1,000 Great Casinos from America, Canada and Around the World (736 pages, paperbound, $14.95) is a handy guide for those who want to travel and play or just want good information.

The book tells you how to get that information — which games the casinos offer, what accommodations are available, how much you can expect to spend, business hours, credit cards, dress codes (if any) and if there is any admission charge.

The first half of the book (300 pages) is devoted to American and Canadian casinos by state or province. Here you’ll find toll-free numbers, reservation numbers, addresses, web sites and e-mail addresses.

In many instances there are directions on how to get to the casino or where they are located from the city with reference to driving, taxi or bus directions. Where applicable, you’ll see what the minimum age is for gambling plus information about what denomination of slot machines on site (penny, nickel, quarter, dollar).

Although the book does not contain maps, I’m sure any casino you contact would be happy to send information on their exact locale, whether in North America or elsewhere.

Formatted with easy-to-read type, this just-off-the-press directory is a fine time-saver for researchers, travelers and the curious. It also includes lists of which casinos are the biggest and best for elegance, or which are children-friendly and those with the largest poker rooms.

The book is available at the Gambler’s Book Shop (Gambler’s Book Club) in Las Vegas. The store’s web site is; its toll-free phone is 1-800-522-1777.