Hey, there’s still Akron!

Dec 6, 2005 5:19 AM

So what else is new? Favorites enjoyed another resounding week of success in the NFL, which the intelligent bettors again recognized.

The faves even extended to boxing where Jermain Taylor won a close, but unanimous decision over Bernard Hopkins. Betting results is becoming so one-sided in football that Akron is carrying the underdog torch? The school’s prior success in athletics on a national level is best described by the mascot — Zip.

The college bowl games have been determined, but many of the lines are still to be determined. Fortunately, the major bowls do have lines so that’s what we’ll focus on this week. I advise readers to be against me, since my track record (65-69) rates a D in the classroom.

However, the NFL has been an A-. We can always do better, but above 60 percent is a figure I’m proud of and hope it continues the rest of the season.

First, the big bowls with early lines.

FIESTA BOWL, Monday, Jan. 2

N.Dame +5½ vs Ohio St (55):This isn’t the pros, so it’s OK to play the dog. I would play whichever team was getting the 5½. Even up, I would side with Ohio State, which has the edge in defense, special teams and Ted Ginn. The Irish have the grit and came within one play of beating Southern Cal. NOTRE DAME.

SUGAR BOWL, Monday, Jan. 2

W.Va +9 vs Georgia (45): The Mounties will be glad to be in a major BCS bowl. Georgia will be delighted the Sugar Bowl moved from New Orleans to Atlanta. Another home game and cover for the Dawgs. GEORGIA.

ORANGE BOWL, Tuesday, Jan. 3

Florida St +8 vs Penn St: Bowden vs Paterno. Wouldn’t you love to attend that pre-game news conference? Imagine FSU Bobby being the youngster at 74! Plus, like the Bulldogs, the Seminoles find themselves in a home field environment. Getting eight points no less! FSU.

ROSE BOWL, Wednesday, Jan. 4

Texas +6 vs USC: The pattern continues. The Trojans are a virtual home team, traveling from Los Angeles to Pasadena. I still own a ticket from preseason saying USC would go undefeated this season. I’m not about to get off that bandwagon. Texas, an equally outstanding team, will play off last year’s Rose Bowl success at Michigan. But the difference between SC and everyone else is that Reggie Bush only plays for the Trojans. USC.

We’ll examine the rest of the bowl slate next week.