Dogs remain caught in this runaway favorites train

Dec 6, 2005 5:41 AM

There’s a runaway freight train steaming down the NFL track. It’s out of control and loaded with over 60 percent favorites!

The dogs are flatter than the coin you used to lay on the track and not worth much more than a penny. The overall record of faves through Sunday of Week 13 is 102-65-5.

Now, on to Week 14.

Bucs + -5 at Panthers: I’m looking for a similar outcome to Week 9 when Carolina went to Tampa Bay and beat the Bucs, 34-14. Julius Peppers has helped step up the intensity on defense. Panthers recorded five sacks against an elusive Michael Vick last week. Those kind of numbers might keep Chris Simms awake late at night. PANTHERS.

Pats -4 at Bills: Do you dare bet a home dog considering their recent record? The road favorites have been automatic wins. Pats struggled to beat the Bills in Week 8 at home. Now they take their less than world champion act on the road. BILLS.

Rams +7 at Vikings: Both teams have things missing. Rams can’t find Steven Jackson and Vikes haven’t seen their party boat in ages. Vikes reeled off five straight wins since the strippers came on board. Rams have lost 2-of-3 since their bye. The lone victory was a miraculous comeback triggered by rookie Ryan Fitzpatrick over mighty Texans. Brad Johnson 5-0 as Vikings starter. How much longer can that last? RAMS.

Bears +4 at Steelers: Seeing da Bears at 9-3 looks weird, but they are for real and on an eight game winning streak. Steelers fans have seen their once mighty division champs lose three in a row. This should be a real smash-mouth game. Kyle Orton doesn’t have enough experience to hang with Roethlisberger. STEELERS.

Raiders -2 at Jets: What can you do when you’ve lost three QBs, your center and your top running back looks lost? Well, usually you punt. And that’s what the Jets do plenty of lately. Raiders have actually been a tough road team with the exception of Sunday night’s loss to San Diego. RAIDERS.

Colts -9 at Jags: The Colts should not look past the Jags to San Diego. Jags don’t have Leftwich, but Garrard filled in nicely last week at Cleveland. Jags held Manning to his lowest passer rating of the season in Week 2. Colts won 10-3, but it was anything but convincing. Jags may have Taylor back to help lighten the load on new QB. JAGS.

Texans +7 at Titans: Texans find interesting ways to blow close games to mediocre clubs. They’re usually blown out by above average teams, but Titans aren’t one of those above average teams. TITANS.

Browns +13 at Bengals: Cincy was a little full of itself after upsetting Steelers in Pittsburgh. There was every reason to celebrate, but Bengals should not have acted like the division race was over. It may be, but things could change very quickly. I know the faves have been extraordinary, but so is this number! BROWNS.

Skins -3½ at Cards: Brunell and Portis are veterans playing like hyped up high school kids. Warner had a similar rejuvenation last week versus Niners. But, it was only the 49ers. SKINS.

Giants -4 at Eagles: G-men have only lost to Seattle lately and Feely had to miss three field goals for that to happen. Three weeks ago, the Giants beat Philly by 10. GIANTS.

49ers +10 ½ at Seahawks: It seems like just yesterday (actually it was three weeks ago) Seattle struggled to a 2 point win over Niners at San Francisco. Seattle is better than its showing that day. SEAHAWKS.

Dolphins +8 at Chargers: San Diego on a five-game roll. Miami now facing a legitimate contender. CHARGERS.

Ravens +13 at Broncos: It won’t be surprising to see Denver blast Baltimore and bag its tenth win in a breeze! BRONCOS.

Chiefs +3 at Cowboys: KC not playing at home this week. Dallas needs QB Drew Bledsoe to wake up or the season will be history. COWBOYS.

Lions +2½ at Packers: Not a whole lot of winning or covering of spreads going on here. Favre might get one for old times. Many people wonder why Millen is around. PACKERS.

Saints +10 at Falcons: Time for Vick to pick it up a notch or Falcons will be staying home for the playoffs. I’ve had enough of the inflated lines. I’m backing the dog! SAINTS.

Last week: 8-7

Season: 102-84-5