No spins here: Dogs ‘choking’

Dec 27, 2005 5:21 AM

Beware of dogs! That’s the advice all bettors should have followed like a puppy dog since Week 1.

If everyone would bet favorites like Joe Q. Public — with both fists — we might have busted a couple of these sports books. Forget trying to spin this story any other way. The dawgs have been choking on their own bones since September.

You are now entering the no spin zone. No other way to spin this season other than a horrific year for dogs. Dreadful results for me or any dog-backer thought to be a wise guy. The bankroll is looking mighty skinny!

The favorites rolled close to 59 percent winners through Christmas. The two decent weeks dogs recently put together were just a ruse. Faves were back kickin’ butt in Week 16. There’s more chalk flying around than what I remember seeing in the third grade when my teacher left the classroom.

I’m not about to say it will improve for the dogs in Week 17. Did your teacher ever make you lick the board?

That’s how nasty the chalk is tasting!

Broncos +6 at Chargers: Santa left the Lightning Bolts off his Christmas playoff list. Chargers have dubious distinction of being best club not participating in the money games. Character of the coach and team will not allow SD to quit, even if basically playing for pride. Broncos have clinched first-round bye. CHARGERS.

Giants -7½ at Raiders: G-men have much incentive after being scalped by Skins in Washington. New York is the beast from the NFC East with a win. Raiders seem to be going through the motions for a coach most likely gone soon after this game. Raiders would have stood up and been counted in Denver if inclined to be a tough team, but they’re not. GIANTS.

Cards +6 at Colts: After winning 13 straight, do the Colts want to march into the playoffs with a three loss limp? I think they regroup and give a great effort at home to close out a super regular season. COLTS.

Ravens PK at Browns: Cleveland was embarrassed by Steelers at home. Don’t think the Browns won’t be reminded they haven’t defeated a divisional opponent this season. If they don’t win here, that thought will be on their minds entire offseason. BROWNS.

Bills -1 at Jets: I’ve officially given up counting on dogs this season, but not on home teams. They’re generally tough to bet against in December and during post-season. Homies are overdue to have a big weekend. JETS.

Panthers -5 at Falcons: Panthers mauled the Falcons 24-6 in Week 13. You might expect more of the same in final game with everything at stake between Tampa Bay and Carolina. Don’t be surprised if ticked off Falcons take out their frustration on the inconsistent Panthers for not making playoffs. FALCONS.

Bears +3 at Vikings: Chicago has no big incentive since locking up No. 2 seed and first round bye. But da Bears’ D doesn’t know any other way to play than full speed. Vikes thought of closing with big win, but after being eliminated last week in loss to Ravens, Daunte Culpepper decided to treat everyone to a holiday boat cruise! BEARS.

Bengals +3 at Chiefs: Interesting matchup with Cincy fighting for No. 2 seed and possibly the division title. Chiefs need win to have a playoff shot, even though Pittsburgh will probably destroy Detroit and kill KC’s chances. CHIEFS.

Lions +10 at Steelers: Lions snapped a five-game losing streak with last second field goal over hard luck Saints. Pittsburgh suddenly on a four game roll and looks like a team you wouldn’t want any part of in the playoffs. STEELERS.

Dolphins +7 at Pats: Miami has a chance to finish with a six game win streak and 9-7 record for first-year HC Nick Saban. I wouldn’t bet against it. DOLPHINS.

Saints +7 at Bucs: Tampa Bay won 10-3 on the road against Saints four weeks ago. I think Bucs are improving each week behind young QB Chris Simms. BUCS.

Texans PK at 49ers: Finally a game with true meaning. Who wants Reggie Bush more? I think Texas has always had a soft spot in its heart for Bush! NINERS.

Titans +6 at Jags: Jags already have No. 5 seed sewn up. They’re not going to be able to move up. Titans are young with maybe more to prove. TITANS.

Seahawks -3 at Packers: Seahawks have guaranteed home field advantage throughout the playoffs. Can’t see Mike Holmgren coming after old buddy Brett Favre here. PACKERS.

Skins -7 at Eagles: The Skins can clinch a wild card berth with a win, with or without Brunell. Washington on a four-game win streak. Eagles decimated with injuries. SKINS.

Rams +10 at Cowboys: Dallas likely to be eliminated from postseason prior to kickoff. I still think the Boys play hard, but just believe too many points to lay. RAMS.

Last week: 5-10

Season: 122-112