Pop quiz to start 2006

Jan 3, 2006 12:42 AM

Carol, please join me as we wish everyone a happy and successful New Year in 2006.

Instead of a bunch of silly resolutions, I want to start off this New Year with a little poker thought quiz.

This will be a thought by association quiz

And, yes, we will actually reward the winner. All the contestant needs to do is consider the first statement that I make about poker in group A, then select from group B the statement that they think is the closest to the first statement that I have made.

All the perfect winners will receive a Seniors World Championship of Poker hat.

If there is not a perfect score, the one with the most correct answers will receive the hat.

Remember, all you have to do is submit your selections to [email protected]

Now, this is going to be an easy quiz because I am going to give you all the answers!

All you need to do is match them up. Here goes.

When Oklahoma Johnny says or asks the below questions or makes the following statements, which of the statements in group A do you think is the most closely associated with the statements found in group B.

Group A

1 "I will take insurance on this hand"

2 "All the white meat is gone"

3 "There sure is a lot of dead money in this tournament"

4 "There is a tall weed in the grass"

5 "He plays poker like he is double parked"

6 "That player just made a string bet"

7 "Those players in that game are all rocks"

8 "That player’s money is worth only about three cents on the dollar"

9 "I think I will just bet a cow and a calf"

10 "Dealer, is that a straddle?"

Tie breaker: If all are equal the one that gets
this one correct will score the highest:

"It sure is hard to go hunting when the rabbits got the gun!"

Now, all you need to do to win a Seniors WCOP hat is pick out the statements that you think are associated the closest with each other and e-mail them to me. Here are your choices:

Group B

A I just saved a lot of money on insurance; I bought a policy from Geico.

B There is a lady in the card room!

C The bet is $150!

D No, I am not a poker player, but I did stay at a Holiday Express Inn last night!

E A straddle is just another name for OK-J’s saddle!

F Lloyds of London would not make a price on that hand!

G These turkeys are easy.

H Did you see the movie, Weekend at Barney’s?

I He is a very weak player!

K He plays poker like a jack rabbit!

L There are softer players in a granite rock quarry!

M It is just a shadow bet!

N Every good businessman takes out a little insurance.

O I don’t think that rule ever helped the game.

P Sure, that’s always true after a couple of hours of play.

Q That player is having a lucky day.

R It sure is good to be lucky.

S He’s plays like me — he tries to stay lucky!

It is really easy folks; just select a statement by the number from group A then match it with a letter from group B

Carol, just about the time the folks are reading this column and thinking of their answers, we will be in the air on our way to Europe. This will be the fifth year in a row that we have been invited to return and host this poker happening.

But this will be the first year that our daughter Oklahoma Sarah has been invited to come and entertain the European poker players with her singing talents during The European Seniors at the world famous Aviation Club on the Champs Elysee in Paris, France.

So we will have to check our e-mail when we get back home and see who won this first association quiz of the year.

Oklahoma Johnny Poker Tip of the Week

It is OK sometimes to lay down the winning hand to mix up your play.

You do not want to be thought of as a calling station, and if you cannot lay down a winning hand now and then, you cannot take your winnings home and count it there because you will not go home a winner.

Until next time stay lucky.