Sahara poker room offers Win for Losing

Jan 8, 2001 9:22 PM

The Sahara Poker Room now offers a perk that may pleasantly surprise players: They can win for losing!

"Win for Losing" applies to Seven Card Stud and Texas Hold ‘Em. In the former, any player dealt an ace-king high flush and loses to another higher-ranked ace-king flush, will win cash. In Texas Hold ‘Em, the player must play both hole cards and the best five cards.

Qualifying hands in Seven Card Stud require that the winning hand be the same type of hand that beat the losing hand (for example, a flush beating a flush).

In Texas Hold ‘Em, the hand only qualifies when the winning hand is the same type of hand. For example, a king high flush being beat by an ace high flush. In both games, in the event of more than one losing hand, only the two highest hands will qualify.

The Win for Losing poker promotion will run through the end of January. 

How to hone baccarat skills

I often speak about the "new" idea of progressive wagering during winning streaks. In baccarat, this means exploiting the frequent opportunities presented during a typical game (remember, there are four opportunity categories: consecutive winning streaks for the Player and Bank, repetitive patterns, tie patterns and consecutive ties).

One’s degree of success depends upon player skill and experience, mental toughness, and the frequency and extent of these favorable opportunities.

The good news is that the game of baccarat has by far the greatest number and frequency of favorable opportunities. The bad news is that many of the baccarat players I see lack the skill and experience needed to recognize a good opportunity — and when they do, often lack the necessary mental toughness to pull-off a decent win.

What I mean by mental toughness is the ability of a player to be aggressive when he or she has an advantage. This corresponds to aggressive increases in ones bets (progressive wagering) with each successive win. Unfortunately, most players, even those who have a high degree of skill, play much too conservatively when the situation calls for aggressive bet increases.

Why? The answer is they are not willing to take the risk of making higher wagers and suffering a possible loss. Put simply, it is fear. The mentally tough player has no fear. He or she plays aggressive when a good opportunity comes along and conservatively when the opportunities are few and far between. Aggressive and bold betting is not stupid, unless it is done chasing losses. In the game of baccarat, one must always be aggressive when there is a favorable opportunity.

Conservative play is good, and there is a proper place and time for its use. But when a real opportunity presents itself, aggressive play is essential.

However, most players work hard at a regular job and see a car payment instead of a good bet made at the proper time. Even highly skilled players may only be average players because of their fear; either they cannot afford to lose the money or they have not developed the required mental toughness (even if they can afford to lose the money). Fear will make you a loser every time.

So before any player can adopt the "new" progressive wagering methodology, they must first develop a reasonable degree of skill, and obtain the experience and mental toughness required to overcome the fear of losing. Show me a winning baccarat player and I’ll show you a player who is well prepared and mentally tough; you need them both to win!