IGT’s new ‘Neon Nights’ lights up the payline

Jan 8, 2001 9:32 PM

A new slot from IGT, "Neon Nights," brings the glitz and glamour of the Fremont Street Experience to the casino. The 3-in-1 combination of Neon Poker, Neon Keno and the Nights Slot has three times the excitement of standard slots.

Players choose the game to play from neon billboards on the screen, then the glittering fun begins! From dice to martinis, watermelons to cherries, the Neon Nights slot game is filled with bright neon sign symbols reminiscent of the original billboards that lit up Fremont Street in the 1950s and 1960s. Add some sizzling jazz music and you get a game that’s full of energy.

Neon Nights is a 5-reel, 9-line game loaded with possibilities. The Neon Nights symbol is wild, and substitutes for all others. The Fast Cash bonus hits when the "Fast," "Cash" and dollar sign ($) line up on adjacent reels. Players get a bonus that lights up the night.

The excitement builds when three or more Las Vegas sign symbols land on a payline. The game randomly selects one of three bonus games – Club Neon, Electric Burger, or Lightning Lounge.

The Club Neon bonus can "reel out" a large number of credits. The on-screen neon slot machine reels spin to a 7-7-7 combination and awards a coin with a value that is multiplied by the line bet. The winnings add up until the reels spin the letters E-N-D. If all nine coins are awarded, you receive extra credits.

The Electric Burger bonus is a tasty offering: The fry cook assembles a burger, with each food item worth a credit value. Players can accept the cook’s creation, or ask for another combo.

The Lightning Lounge bonus promises a shocking good time. Pick from two stars on the screen, and the lounge dancer indicates the number of credits associated with the star. The dancer gives five chances to kick up the credits, but the show ends if the Collect symbol is uncovered.


Sip a (coin) cup of Texas Tea!

Well, well, well… OIL well, that is! The Texas Tea slot from IGT is a gusher of entertainment with barrels of bonus game action that’ll get any player’s heart pumpin’.

With each spin of this 5-reel, 9-line rig, players are treated to a richly-orchestrated musical score and Texas-style graphics that include the Yellow Rose, Blue Bonnet, Buttercup and Barrel Cactus flowers. Animated symbols add to the action with comical characters such as oil tycoon Texas Ted, his Armadillo from Amarillo, a Texas bull, and highfalutin status symbols like a corporate jet and a classic Longhorn Cadillac.

Three or more Texas Ted scatter symbols initiate the Oil Dividend bonus. In this animated scene, Ted writes a "dividend check" that floats across the screen while displaying the credit award.

The Big Oil bonus starts when three or more oil derrick symbols land adjacent on a payline. The action heats up as the game screen shakes and rumbles, and oil oozes over the screen. The bonus unfolds, revealing an outline of Texas divided into eight regions. Ted prompts the player to place an oil derrick on a region, up to the number of symbols initiating the bonus. When the last one has been placed, each derrick pumps oil. The more oil pumped, the more credits are awarded.