Keno sites onthe Internet

Jan 30, 2006 4:39 AM

This week Lil takes you on a tour of keno sites on the Internet. Ladies and gentlemen, start your modems!

Your very first stop should be at Yahoo Groups, where you should enter your e-mail address to join the keno e-mail discussion. The group won’t overwhelm your inbox but there are lots of nice members and some interesting keno chat, and no spam. It’s run by John and Bill and there are a few keno managers there as well. Find it at:

John has an excellent site of keno math and computations at:

So if you are interested in the math of keno stop there for sure as well.

Your second stop should be at this newspaper’s web site, where you will find a nice keno glossary. (The actual link for the glossary is

There you will find a simple explanation for some common and some obscure keno terms.

At you will find a decent history of keno, though it glosses over the arrival of Warren Nelson and the Montana boys to Reno to establish the Caucasian game in Nevada, and it also doesn’t mention the north/ south controversy over who had the first Race Horse Keno game in Nevada.

The story told is the Chinese Emperor’s need for money for his army. It is a nice story and may well be true. You will find it at:

The Wizard of Odds has a nice keno section, with a pretty good math section and some analysis of keno rates in Las Vegas. Visiting this site is pleasant and informative. Find it here: is a web site that has been around for years and the info there is usually quite solid. Their Keno FAQ is aimed at the beginning player, but it is patiently written:

Finally there is xpertx’s way cool site where you can watch the live draws from a couple of dozen casinos in real time:

A great way to test your tickets when you are trying a new strategy but you are stuck in front of your computer away from the keno lounge.

Well that’s it for this week! Good luck, I’ll see you on the net!