New Year’s fiascos: Something in the champagne?

Jan 8, 2001 9:47 PM

I hope everyone had a wonderful New Year’s holiday. Unfortunately for some of our so-called celebrities, the Big Eve turned out to be the Eve of Destruction. Maybe there was something in the champagne?

First we had Bob Stupak and his companion trying to check into a big New Year’s bash at the Stratosphere – the resort he built! – where the girl kept asking him his name.

"Stupak," he said.

She didn’t quite get it so she asked him to spell it.

"Stupak, S-T-U-P-A-K," he replied, adding, "We used to own this casino!"

The receptionist replied that she didn’t see his name on the invited guest list.

To Bob’s very great credit, he kept his calm (now, that’s breaking news!) and finally gained entrance after someone in a fancy tux interceded on his behalf.

Things were not so cool and calm at the Blue Note Jazz Club, where soul man James Brown was seen screaming, throwing furniture, ranting about the Pope and hearing voices. Next time, James, find a champagne bottle with a cork and not a screw-cap.

Finally, we had David Cassidy at the Rio limping around on stage, explaining to the audience that he had an accident at home. He later said he is on the mend, and getting ready for his closing shows of At the Copa and for his upcoming concert engagements.


A little off the top

At the Plaza, Hot Trix, a topless show created by Karen Denise (a human dynamo previously with Splash and other shows), continues to draw nice crowds. The breakout star among Karen’s "Naked Angels" is Sarah Costa, who just signed a multi-million dollar contract. She was once in the chorus line in Legends in Concert, but she is the now sensation in this show. Expect to see more of her in the future.

At the Luxor, a couple of months ago I reported that the Blue Man Group was adding more shows, and doing a brisk business. More good news for the Blue Heads: They have just been nominated for a Grammy with their song "Audio." Other treasures at the Luxor include Anita Mans’ Midnight Fantasy, a very classy and entertaining topless revue. You’ll also like Billie & Robert De Blanc of L.A. Style, who just signed to perform for one more year in the Luxor lounge. They are a must see.

It’s nice to see Las Vegas returning to its roots with the new wave of adult-oriented shows. This is the real Vegas — Splash, Bill Acosta at the Flamingo, Hot Trix at the Plaza, Jubilee, Bottoms Up, Midnight Fantasy at the Luxor, and Skin Tight at Harrahs. Let’s hope this is just the tip – so to speak – of the iceberg.

At the Venetian, Melinda the First Lady of Magic has honed her magic tricks, and the resulting ticket sales have paid off. Also at The Venetian I saw Patti La Belle, and her alter ego Ru Paul, who does a drag impersonation of Patti. She actually brought him (her?) on stage, where they were both ensconced in sables. Now where’s PETA when you need them?

Congratulations to the MGM Grand, which held a press conference last week to announce their child care center for cast members (that’s employees). It will be open 24 hours a day. It looks like a positive step to create a better working environment for employees.

Also at the MGM Grand (though definitely not related!), the original Crazy Horse Topless Revue from Paris is slated to open very soon. At the end of this month, Rick Springfield takes over as the new ringmaster of EFX. Thanks for the memories, Tommy Tune.