Getting the most from your slot club

Jan 30, 2006 5:02 AM

OK, let me guess. There’s probably a whole lot of you saying out loud "What’s Singer doing writing about slot clubs ”¦ I thought he didn’t use them!"

Not true, non believers!

Throughout the Undeniable Truth years, I’ve been continuously saying that for one to get a firm winning handle on the game, he or she must come to the realization that a multi-layered strategy is far more important than simply being able to play the game mathematically correct.

Equally important is the fact that in the course of playing, one must be able to recognize when and where to make adjustments to their game that will allow for a certain consistency to the effort being put forth. And that’s exactly how I do it.

For those who haven’t yet seen my approach (single-play strategy), here are the basics. There is not one item that is any more imperative to follow than the next:

Understand the game(s) you are about to play in their entirety. You MUST know the mathematically optimal plays — but you must be willing not to make the optimal holds on every single deal.

Select pre-determined stop-win and stop-loss goals, and never deviate.

Discipline: Understand the strategy in its entirety, and never deviate. Ever!

Never play with scared money, and always come prepared with the proper gaming-only bankroll. In my single-play strategy, that equates to three-times 400 credits of the highest denomination intended to be played.

Always do exactly what you said you were going to do. You need iron-clad determination if you expect to make a consistent profit. You change direction in the middle of a session due to discomfort, losing, or winning, and you will never be successful over time.

This strategy includes a very important progression in both denomination and game volatility, so be prepared.

Greed: Stay away from it. Never take a shot at a higher denomination just because you just hit a lower-denomination jackpot. That is the stuff true video poker junkies are made of.

Don’t ever use a casino ATM, casino credit, or cash a check. Your gaming bankroll is what you took with you as part of your playing strategy’s requirements. Period. Besides, ever see the expressions on the faces of the losers who DO use these casino tools?

Understand and believe in the undeniable fact that winning is at least 90 percent luck, and it is those who have prepared to take maximum advantage of the times when good luck comes their way, who will continue to be winning players.

At the start of my professional career I always used a slot club card. You all know why. Video poker players, while playing a game that’s for the most part for the majority of players is off the casino radar, do get the most generous comps in all of gambling. Naturally I wanted a part of that pie.

But as I said, things sometimes change, and successful players also have to if they want to continue on in that manner. Several years ago I was stopped at two favorite casinos, but I didn’t want to just stop playing there. I was having good fortune at both, so I did return on my terms. I chose not to use a card any longer in my single-play strategy, and even when hitting large jackpots requiring W2G’s, 2+2 was never put together on me. Adjustment made — and to my advantage.

Right now you’re probably saying, "But wait a minute — I thought this column was about how to use your slot club card today." That’s absolutely correct, but to understand the philosophy I’ve developed about the cards, one must first know the how and why of the situation. I believe that’s one of the main problems in gambling knowledge circles these days. The whole story should be put out there in order that others might make the right decision for themselves.

If you look at my site in the upper left hand corner of the home page, you’ll see a FREE link to my Play Strategies. All five have been successful for me, and I use a slot club card in all but the one strategy outlined above. The reason? Because the playing limits and win goals are generally much less than in single-play, and thus the attention is reduced proportionately. That should be very important to all serious players.

Using a card IS very important to me contrary to what many may think. And while I may put much less dollar-wise through the machines on these four strategies than most of my peers, I believe from all that I’ve read that the comps and gifts and freebies I am able to manipulate from casinos are at least as great — or at the least, comparatively much greater than — any of the others.

How’s that? Well, just as with my play strategy, the advantage in slot club & marketing department benefits is a function of a multi-faceted approach. In my Romp-Thru-Town play strategy for example, I give a taste of my play at different denominations to a variety of casinos I’ve played at before at higher limits with a card inserted. They then can never resist firing out the offers. It’s almost like I’m working a lengthy string of puppets.

Just as in the "real" work world, it’s whom you know, where these ”˜acquaintances’ are, and how you’re able to talk to them. I happen to be very good at this skill, and as a result I am always able to get far more value than I’ve earned at most casinos where I play. I even get comps at places where I don’t play. Naturally there’s more than meets the eye here, but I think you get the picture. Casino gaming is just that—an overall game we play against them. People who are motivated enough can get a bundle out of it.

My final bit of advice to slot card users is one that you’ve probably heard from me before. Don’t be a casino pawn and talk to your slot club host or hostess. You’ll get much greater offers via the marketing department mailers. Don’t have weak knees just because you want to feel important talking to a VIP host. What’s the point? All they want you to do is lose. It’s their employer you’re trying to take money from! Get it?