Jerry’s back, as wacky as ever

Jan 31, 2006 12:07 AM

A svelte and chipper Jerry Lewis (he’s dropped more than 100 pounds since he stopped taking the steroid prednisone that he was on for more than two years) is bringing his Labor Day Muscular Dystrophy Telethon back home after 10 years. Meetings have already taken place at its local home, the new South Coast. "He’s the old Jerry Lewis," said a meeting attendee. "He looks great, full of energy and laughter."

In addition, Lewis is returning to The Orleans Showroom stage after a five-year absence. Lewis, who turns 80 on March 26, is booked at the hotel July 13-16, when it is bound to be SRO. Tickets go on sale in April.

A chocolate production featuring a kissing booth, chocolate massages, cupid aerialists, and performances by cast members from "Follies Berger," Chippendales, "La Cage," "A New Day," "Mamma Mia," The Vamps, Culture Shock, Missy Cochrane Entertainment and more, is slated for Valentine’s Day at Krave (Desert Passage) starting at 11 p.m. Admission is $20 with all proceeds benefiting the Golden Rainbow, a non-profit organization dedicated to assisting persons living with HIV/AIDS in the Las Vegas community. To reserve a booth with bottle service, call 384-2899 or visit

The Mirage volcano now erupts at the top of each hour from 6 p.m. to midnight. Also, the volcano is scheduled to undergo an extensive transformation later this year. Wet Design, the firm responsible for the Fountains of Bellagio, is enhancing the iconic volcano with fire explosions that will blast taller, lava which will appear hotter and sounds which will boom louder than ever. The project is set for completion in 2007.

Last week we had Tyra Banks, Al Roker, and many television folks came in to cover the NATPE Convention. This convention is about shows that are being sold for syndication and shows that are being sold for cable. The big hit was Megan Mullaly. She is one of the stars of Will & Grace.

Do we need another talk show? No! Martha Stewart was all over town with her show, her food network, her products. The Domestic Diva. The Comeback Kid. Convict me! Convict me!

With American Idol being in Vegas to find a great talent and with Miss America being in Las Vegas and with the convention here to find another hit, brilliant, local TV show, what we need is a new idea for a local show. Make me the host, darlings. I’m the most colorful character in Las Vegas. How much leopard do I need to wear?

What is happening at the MGM? Shake up, shake up. Mike Milner, the food and beverage king has been let go and Barry Morgan is now in his place.

When we think about hotels, the implosions, the condo boom/bang, how many of the condos proposed will be built? People have great ideas but are short on money. Vegas is still a small town. We do have entertainment. We have good restaurants. We have shopping. But our main goal is to get your money. You come here to gamble.

This columnist went to the preview of Hairspray at the Luxor. Harvey Feirstein reprising his Tony Award winning performance was brilliant. Previews start Feb. 6. To the president of the Luxor, Felix Rappaport: Felix, I love the hair. Love the look. You are kind to Monti Rock and you are one of the few that understand me. I guess it is because of your Eastern mentality and maybe even the blonde hair, which I hear, you do yourself. It really is marvelous.

As I said before, theater, New York and Las Vegas are an odd marriage. Like The Odd Couple. Think of Monti Rock III, a columnist, as a Broadway baby and I did try my hand at Vegas shows, but I didn’t fair too well. Legends come and go, but I’ll be hanging on forever.

Over at the Hilton, my best friend, Paige O’Hara, ready for a close up in Menopause. The brilliant actress makes her debut in Menopause, the Musical this week. Her husband, Michael Pointik, leaves Mama Mia after two years at the Mandalay Bay and a new cast with some locals and some from New York are stepping in. Rumor has it that it all has to do with finances.

Don’t forget, readers of Gaming Today, to cast your ballot in the Review-Journal for the best dressed, most colorful and most generous character in Las Vegas. You can vote online this week. Hurry, hurry. The mayor beat me the last two years, probably using all his influence and unsavory connections. Let’s turn the tables. I’ll even toss my leopard federa into the city councilman’s race (yipes!).