GSA hires slot tech from Control Board

Jan 31, 2006 3:13 AM

In a move designed to speed up standardization in the gaming manufacturing industry, the Gaming Standards Association announced last week it has hired Marc McDermott as its technical director.

McDermott, who was selected from a field of about 200 candidates, formerly served as the chief of the electronic services division for Nevada’s Gaming Control Board.

"I am looking forward to working with Marc," said GSA President Peter DeRaedt. "His depth of understanding of game and systems technology, combined with his long term regulatory experience, is a true asset to the association. We welcome Marc’s shared passion in making standards a reality. This new relationship will be to the benefit of the entire gaming industry."

As technical director, McDermott will help with the identification, development, promotion and implementation of open standards, enabling manufacturers to better integrate their products into varying casino environments.

He will also oversee all technical standards committees; direct the development of software development packages and tool kits, as well as GSA’s certification program.

Insiders who asked not to be identified said McDermott’s move to GSA may also expedite the process of implementing downloadable slot systems or server-based games into casinos.

So far, Nevada regulators have been trying to develop technical standards for server-based gaming, but have been challenged because different manufacturers have different protocols.

It is hoped that McDermott can provide direction and leadership in helping to unify the technical parameters that the various manufacturers work under.