At least we don’t
have to create
name for ‘baseball’

Feb 14, 2006 4:22 AM

First of all I would like to thank all those who E-mailed and faxed me their thoughts on my Super Bowl comments.

A lot of readers told me how they taped games so they didn’t have to hear the commentary or suffer through the commercials. I do this a lot, but sometimes when you are at friends or family gatherings you just have to suffer through it.

Now for the two people that E-mailed me that the "Stones" looked as good at half time for the Super Bowl as they did in the 60s. My suggestion to them is that this is not 1966 and they need to lay off whatever they are smoking.

March Madness is right around the corner and this to me is the most exciting and entertaining four days of sports. The only down side is how the NCAA won’t allow anyone to use the words March Madness in any advertisements, parties, parlay cards, etc.

This is no different from the NFL not allowing anyone to use the term Super Bowl. I just hope that the NCAA and the NFL make a ton more money selling their logo stuff, but I won’t purchase a dime’s worth. If someone sends it to me, I’ll accept it. I’m not totally stupid!

Speaking of money, baseball season is approaching. I love baseball, apple pie and Chevrolets. Well, maybe not the "Chevys" that much. You can throw that saying out the window nowadays and maybe change it to baseball, tiramisu and Cadillac Escalades.

I just saw how poor Alfonso Soriano lost his arbitration case. This lowly baseball player was asking for $12 million, but since he lost his case he’ll only get $10M. I know he doesn’t drive a "Chevy" of any kind.

Since I am talking baseball, let me pass on some early thoughts.

”¡ If the Marlins trade away outfielder Miguel Cabrera, they could start an entire rookie lineup. As soon as you see the season "over and under" totals posted at your favorite book, run over and bet these guys UNDER total wins. They’ll be lucky to get 60.

”¡ The Pirates have added first baseman Sean Casey. Now with Joe Randa, that’s two good bats. The outfield is intact for the year and the Bucs have one of the best young pitching staffs in baseball. With some runs and bullpen support, I look for them to have a big year. They usually do when the Steelers win the Super Bowl.

”¡ St. Louis lost Matt Morris, Reggie Sanders, Mark Grudzielanek, a staff ace and three everyday starters. The replacements don’t measure up, so look for the Cards to be a lot weaker. This should make the Central Division more wide open and St. Louis a good "bet against team" when —180 and —200.

”¡ Who suffers most in the AL Central? The White Sox add Jim Thome (DH) and Javier Vasquez (P). The Royals add Doug Mientkiewicz (1B), Grudzielanek (2B), Sanders (LF) and Scott Elarton (P) — all upgrades from last year. The Twins add Luis Castillo (2B), but not much more.

”¡ Cleveland may have the second best hitting lineup in the AL after the Yankees. Detroit acquired Kenny Rogers (SP) from Texas, but the lineup is the same. Look for the Tigers to be the worst team in the division, maybe worst in the AL. They should be thankful the Marlins will own the worst record in baseball. Both will lose 100 games, but if you catch them as winners you’ll see some big prices.


I always like to invest a little on some stuff, so I can sweat some tickets the whole year. Remember this is all about having fun, but try to make some little bet everyday. You just may walk around lucky and not even know it.

”¡ Cubs: To win the NL Pennant.

”¡ Pirates: To win the division at 20-1. They’ll be in that hunt for a long time.

”¡ Indians, Yanks: I like Cleveland to win the AL Pennant and both the Tribe and Bombers to win the World Series. Yanks are 5-1, Tribe 16-1.