GCB appoints new
tech chief

Feb 14, 2006 4:51 AM

Last week, Nevada’s Gaming Control Board (GCB) announced that Joe Bertolone has been appointed the chief of the Board’s new Technology Division (formerly known as the Electronic Services Division).

For the past three years, Bertolone has served as the chief of the Board’s Administrative Division. Prior to joining the Board, Bertolone has held audit, finance, operations and sales management positions with various technology companies including Cisco Systems, VeriFone, Inc., and Transaction Network Services, Inc.

"Joe brings a unique skill set in having worked within the technology industry and having addressed some of the same issues that the Board is currently facing," said Board Chairman Dennis Neilander. "The technology that is being used by the gaming industry is the same technology that has evolved from other non-gaming applications."

Bertolone effectively replaces Marc McDermott, former chief of the electronic services division. McDermott left the GCB to take a post with the Gaming Standards Association.

Bertolone said the board’s functions mustmeet the changing gaming environment.

"With the addition of server-based gaming and wireless gaming, we are seeing a

migration to computer-based technologies," Bertolone said. "We are positioning the Technology Division to be responsive to such new technologies and to properly discharge its regulatory mandate. Also, we are pursuing further developments of the Board’s internal technology, all with the goal of creating efficiency in the Board’s operations."

The new Technology Division and Bertolone will report to Board Member Mark Clayton.