These ‘romp’ excursions
can teach alot

Feb 20, 2006 11:40 PM

I’ve heard it all. Some claim my poker sessions are a bunch of made-up malarkey and that I’m not honest when reporting my results.

Hmmm”¦Then why wouldn’t ANY of them accept my challenge on an offer of proof-of-winning last year? Unsubstantiated assertions followed by monetary wagers seem to bring out that type of backpedaling.

Either way, I’m putting all that nonsense behind and I’ll not become involved in any more loophole-laced offers from any of them.

Now, it’s time to concentrate on continuing my for-profit play. And I did just that last week, where I played three separate sessions on one single trip to Nevada.

I left the Phoenix area overnight Wednesday for some play on the Strip, and I had to be done one way or another no later than 5 p.m. Thursday. I wasn’t going home until later Sunday, but in contrast to all prior for-profit trips, I had somewhat of a schedule to keep on Thursday through Sunday, so play would have to cease early on.

All this extra activity meant I had to squeeze in as many as three sessions of play before the other activity was to begin. So I began around 6 a.m. with my Multi-Play strategy (5-play). I set a win goal of $500 and was prepared to go up through the $25 five-play machines if I had to in order to attain my goal.

But after losing 2000 credits on quarters I was dealt four 7’s on dollar Double Double Bonus (DDB) poker for an overall profit of $520. The best part besides winning was that I only had to put in a little over an hour to get it. Note: My five-play strategy utilizes 2000 credits of each denomination (25c/$1/$5/& the newly-added $25) only on the Advance Bonus Poker games, and can be found for free on my site

Next up was a session of my Romp-Thru-Town strategy (also for free on my site) with a similar $500 win goal, but that didn’t last long either. After losing twice at dollars I hit four 4’s twice on $2 Bonus Poker (BP) for a win of $505. And to imagine I did this WITHOUT ”˜tagging the building’ back home?

With plenty of time to spare and a confidence level somewhere up in the stratosphere at this point, I began playing the third and final session: My single-play strategy (of course, available for free also) with a win goal of $2500, that has caused all the commotion about my views since my first book came out. But I was quickly brought back down to earth as is common in the game of video poker.

After playing through 400 credits each of dollars, $2 & $5, I had no cash-outs. 100 credits of $10 BP did produce $1000 in cash-outs, but it wasn’t until late into the DDB game that holding two aces brought two more along with a 4. With a sigh of relief and a profit of a little over $14,000, I headed out to the bank and deposited all winnings but $500, and I purposely DID NOT take along my ATM card. Since I was unable to just get up and go home this time after winning, I did everything else possible to ensure I didn’t give it all back like I used to in the days when I played long-term strategy.

One point that may interest some of you: I used my slot club cards on the first two sessions, but I never use it when playing single-play even though I played some in the higher limits. That’s what got me in trouble before with several casinos and I won’t be that naive again. And why’d I run to the bank? Well, how many times have you heard of others going to the higher-limit machines after such a hit? I’m not that type of addict any longer, and I control everything I do when it comes to gambling on video poker machines. That’s why I keep what I win.

As soon as I returned from the bank my parties began to arrive. I got them settled into their free rooms, had a few drinks with some of them, and it was off to bed for me. A successful day of playing winning strategies does make for a much better night’s sleep than trying to win more and giving it all back before hitting the hay. Try it, you’ll like it!

The rest of the weekend I spent running all over town visiting with and dining with other players and friends. One of my stops was at the new Hooters on Tropicana. I didn’t notice much of a difference from the old San Remo, but of course the scenery was a whole lot better. And while the video poker games have all been updated to state-of-the-art, their pay tables are the most horrific I’ve ever seen in Las Vegas. The 25¡/50¡/$1 machine I finally sat down at had a terrifying 6/5 Jacks or Better and some odd form of BP with higher payouts for the full house, flush and straight, but only paid money-back for two pair! I still managed a $65 win out of it.

I also popped in at the new South Coast down past Mandalay Bay. As stunning on the outside as is the Suncoast up in Summerlin, I was somewhat disappointed at the "gambling warehouse" feel when I walked inside. No turns, no nooks and crannies, and nearly all of their very plentiful video poker machines had the exact same selection of games.

But it is still new, and just as I expect there to be a high-limit area sometime down the road, so too do I feel they’ll do something about adding more interesting games such as Super Double Bonus Poker and Triple Bonus Poker Plus in the not too distant future.

On a final note, by the time I left Sunday afternoon I did lose all $500 that I kept from my earlier winnings — even though I had built it up to nearly a thousand on Saturday.

But all that did was reinforce my belief that a player MUST control how he or she does what they do if they want to be a true winner. I know how to do that and I’ve been doing it for nine years now. Could be that’s why I’m always happy.