Palms to host CEO
poker tournament

Feb 21, 2006 12:11 AM

CEO Poker has announced plans to host its championship event at The Palms Hotel in Las Vegas, Oct. 22-26. CEOs can apply at

Participants will have the opportunity to win the title of Chairman of Poker and a stylish Chairman of Poker ring that will be awarded to the winner of the championship tournament.

The Palms Casino Resort & Maloof Productions produces Celebrity Poker on Bravo and is home of the Real Word Series in Vegas.

William Peraza, Jr., CEO of World CEO Entertainment, and Maria Gomez, co-founder of CEO Poker, natives of Miami, Florida, developed the concept of the CEO Poker event. Peraza and Gomez saw a need for an event that highlighted some of the most powerful CEOs in the U.S. playing against one another in poker, in the best hotel in Vegas — the Palms Resort and Casino.

The Palms will host the event that will cater to over 400 CEOs from the world of the Internet, industry, real estate, and Fortune 500 companies, ready to square off over green felt poker tables.

Over 10 professional poker players, CEOs of their own poker empires, will also play along side the 400 plus CEOs in the tournament. Professionals include: Jennifer Harman, Phil Gordon, Cyndy Violette, Andy Bloch, Barry Greenstein, Sam Farha, among others.

"We reviewed and approached key hotels in Las Vegas and the Palms was awarded the opportunity of hosting the event because of its incredible hotel atmosphere, professional staff, unique room spaces, and ability to cater to an audience of individuals that expect the best when they travel to Vegas," says William Peraza, CEO and founder of CEO Poker.

A testament to the popularity of poker among top tier executives is the quick response that CEO Poker had when it leaked that CEOs would have a chance to play poker against each other in Las Vegas. Over 300 CEOs quickly applied for a seat within hours of launching the website.

The event is proving to be more popular than an executive golf game.

"Poker is the new golf. Golf for many years was the sport of choice by executives to network, now poker is taking the limelight away from golf," says Peraza. "Instead of networking on the golf greens, CEOs will compete over the green felt of the poker table at The Palms, in No Limit Texas Hold’em. Poker is better than golf because it is a level playing field among men and women. Only your ability to bluff, fold, and win, separates the boys from the girls. Another reason poker is so popular among CEOs is the game itself. There is an element of constant danger that CEOs thrive on, where you can go out on any one hand."

Buy-ins start at ($1,500-$10,000). Hotel stay at The Palms during the event is a requirement to play in the tournament.