I don’t blow my top over curling

Feb 21, 2006 9:34 AM

As sad as this is to say, we live in a society of cheats!

It’s not just in sports or the USA, but worldwide. The name of the game in politics is who can get away with what and not get caught, Take the oil for food as just one example.

In sports and schools, cheating has become a way of life — not just a few people trying to get away with something. Football has been mired with drugs and steroids with athletes trying to stay one step ahead. Same with the NBA and major league baseball. The Olympics have been hit with all kind of drug use and medals taken away.

I think there are more drug tests in the Olympics now than events. The only competition not having some kind of scandal may be curling, but I really don’t know that for sure. Horse racing has been mired with rampant drug use it seems forever. If you get the best drugs, you win the most races.

The majority of trainers, athletes and trainers are on the square, but have been tarnished by all the dishonesty. Watching the Daytona 500, I was thinking this car racing is such an honest sport. Then after the race controversy set in, it took hours to make the race official. Jimmie Johnson’s car had to be dismantled to make sure the Chevy guys weren’t cheating.

I guess there was some kind of foul they committed in getting pole positions. Whatever, cheating has become so rampant that some folks think that’s the only way to win or get ahead. When I was growing up, we were taught that in order to get ahead in sports you worked harder than anyone else. With talent, comes success.

In school you paid attention, studied hard and did your homework. You passed and moved on in life. Wow, have times changed — and not for the best. We may be making more money, drive a nicer car, live in a nice home, eat better food, go on top-notch vacations (well some of us). However, for some reason we aren’t able to raise a generation of honest people.

Then you have NBA commissioner David Stern, who is so ignorant of the world he doesn’t want next year’s All Star Game played in Vegas unless the sports books agree not to put a betting line on the board. Well, that’s just fine David. Maybe you should just stay away. That would be OK for me.

There aren’t many people in the stands for NBA regular season games. Paying $100 bucks a ticket is a little steep for the ordinary fan. If it weren’t for betting and TV contracts, the NBA may be extinct. It’s pretty hard to watch if you don’t have a wager, so Mr. Stern take a hike.

Living in Las Vegas, kids have a hard time finding things to do. There was a very nice place called Scandia on Rancho just behind Palace Station. This place was kept up and manicured to perfection with a beautiful miniature golf course that was always crowded, a batting cage and much more. But it was sold to developers to build some kind of high-rise.

Now it just sits there depressed and unused. No tax dollars, no kids with their family and friends on the putting greens. Just burnt out grass and an eyesore. I guess if you have a computer you can play golf, but if you don’t maybe you can spray graffiti for your fun.


Last month I wrote how horseplayers seemed to be taken advantage of as far as giveaways. Slot players seemed to be reaping big time with such promos as Station Casinos Jumbo Jackpots and Poker room bad beats. Well, here’s big Ya Hoo to Art Manteris and Station Casinos, now in the process of having a Jumbo Jackpot for race players.

I don’t have all the info, but I will get it as soon as Micah Roberts gets back from his Canadian vacation. What he’s doing in Canada is a mystery to me but Micah will be in charge of the big Jumbo Jackpot for us horseplayers.

Now with that behind us, all we need is for someone like George Maloof at the Palms to get the ball rolling to have the stupid rule of no cell phones in the book overturned. This gaming law is outdated and needs to be thrown out.

Come on George, we know you are a renaissance man. If anyone can get this going, it’s you!