Vegas betting options
wide open for 400

Mar 7, 2006 8:24 AM

Stations Casinos offered some of the more competitive Cup race odds in Nevada with an opening number hold percentage for 42 options at 32 percent.

The lowest odds on any individual driver were Biffle, Kenseth, and Johnson at 10 to 1. Kelly Downey, race and sports manager at Green Valley Resort said the reason for the higher odds at Vegas as opposed to any other race was due to the expected greater handle compared to any other race. He said a theoretic hold is actually closer to a reality with the type of volume that will be handled.

The new "Rapid Bet" system debuted at the Palms last weekend. Rapid bet is a new sports betting system that allows the bettor to wager during a game or event as it’s happening. This Sunday the Las Vegas Nextel Cup race is one of the betting options. Imagine the fun and possibilities of wagering on NASCAR as it’s happening! If offered during the California race with Biffle and Stewart dominating, any prices on matchups with McMurray and Kenseth would have paid well against those guys when they broke down.

I’ll be at the Vegas race this Sunday, but this will definitely be a stop for me in the ensuing weeks.

The Golden Nugget had some of the better odds to win options in Nevada with both Jamie McMurray and Kasey Kahne at 25-1. Nugget boss Steve Harvey also offered Martin at 18-1 with his opening odds. McMurray also had nice odds to win the Championship at 50-1 — definitely worth a few bucks. Harvey has a great philosophy in forcing bettors to lay their money on drivers they may not necessarily like to win, but can’t refuse the good price. It’s nice to see another NASCAR wagering option emerging in Las Vegas.

The Las Vegas Hilton is one of only two sports books in Las Vegas that offers the NASCAR Busch Series on a weekly basis. They also make a conscience effort to offer all their weekly Cup odds starting with a hold percentage of 34 percent — one of the definite tops in the city. For all you Formula One fans, the Hilton joins Wynn Resorts as the only books to offer odds on what is a now a very competitive series.

Salmons says they couldn’t be happier with their auto racing writers, stating, "This (auto racing betting) just continues to grow year after year."

Here’s a race breakdown from the panel.

Kelly Downey (GVR): "Matt Kenseth is an obvious choice because of his past success at Las Vegas and association with Roush racing. He’s also dialed in right now coming of a win on a similar track to Vegas at California. We expect to handle more than ever for this race. If we can handle more early in the week and make bettors commit to our line early with their money, then we’ll meet our goals. On a normal race, we usually shoot for the 38 percent theoretic hold range.

Richie Baccillieri (Palms): "We like Jamie McMurray because he’s a Roush driver and the way that whole team ran at California a few weeks ago. McMurray was very strong in the long runs at California and that will be key in the Vegas race."

Steve Harvey (GN): "You have to start with the Roush cars led by Greg Biffle, Mark Martin, and Carl Edwards. I’d like to make a case for two time Vegas winner Jeff Burton, but he doesn’t drive a Roush car like he did back then. Some long shots I could see doing very well are Joe Nemechek and Casey Mears."

Ed Salmons (Hilton): "I’m going to look at Mark Martin as a sentimental choice. He’s done really well at Las Vegas over the years. Plus, he’s with Roush Racing — a team that has absolutely dominated this track. Jimmie Johnson, of course, will be tough to beat. I think Kasey Kahne will also have a good run. It’s a wide open race with more than the usual amount of drivers having a good shot at winning. I think the California race two weeks ago gave us a good look at who does well this week. Martin is one of those drivers."

Chris Chavez (Wynn): "I’ve got to go with the Roush drivers. I don’t think it matters which one. They are all equally good. Vegas has only had eight Cup races and Roush has won five of them. I like Carl Edwards a lot, but I’m going to stick with Matt Kenseth, the guy who has two of those five Roush Vegas wins".

Jay Rood (Mandalay Bay): "The guys here had all sorts of varying opinions led by Hugh Citron’s annual Jeff Gordon selection to win. It’s amazing, I have been asking Hugh for about seven years now who he likes in the big races and he always says Gordon without hesitation. "Rodeo" Tom chimed in with a quality dark horse selection of Brian Vickers from the Hendrick camp. I’m looking at Kasey Kahne. He’s been amazing in the last two races and I think momentum means a lot this early in the season. This track is relatively easy for drivers to navigate, just like California."