To win, void the greed!

Mar 13, 2006 3:01 AM

Too many times a player’s greed gets in the way of an accomplishment. How many times, for instance, have you hit a big jackpot at one denomination, only to cheerfully dance into the high limit slot salon and give machines formerly out of your reach a shot?

And how many times have you waited as the machine registers hundreds or thousands of credits while you swear on a stack of bibles that you’ll go home with the money, only to find out that you just can’t stop playing for more?

So goes the game of video poker for the weak, and so goes the ongoing profiting by the casinos.

But there is hope for the video poker player. All you need do is listen to what I say, why I say it, and believe in the facts about gambling when it comes to the casino’s most compelling game.

Why should you listen to me? Well, I stay away from greed, I’m not a puppet of any casino, and I play only on my terms when, where, how, and why I choose to. Super offers have no effect on me, colorful billboards saturated with player offers are of no interest to my gaming itineraries, and addiction to the game has long ago been neutralized.

Goals will overcome greed. Period. You see, casinos hate players who walk in with goals (win OR loss), attain them, and then walk away. What they hope for and thrive on are the players who hit winners and/or are paid large jackpots and then wend their way into the high limit salons. In fact, that’s the main reason for high limit rooms: they are places to re-deposit winnings from out on the floor.

Right now I’d like to point you into one more positive direction over how controlled play and the absence of greed will lead to winning sessions. First, read my site and study my free Play Strategies — — and here’s a refreshing thought: I don’t want or need you to whip out your credit cards.

Next, understand that I welcome and will always respond to your questions and comments as soon as I read them, and I don’t charge a dime to anyone.

To give an example of how disciplined and efficient play can sometime be very rewarding, I’ll relate about the trip I just returned home from.

For only the second time in nine years, I was a passenger in someone else’s vehicle on a visit to Las Vegas.

Because of this and the fact that I can only play on MY schedule with the ability to just get up and leave after attaining a win or loss goal, I took a simple 26 bucks, my AMEX card, and four different hotel offers along with me. I had no intention of playing at all.

However, upon checking into Sam’s Town I was given a coupon for $100 cash that I didn’t expect or maybe didn’t remember. Because of this, I chose to put it into a $2 machine and play until I either lost it or was $10 ahead. On the second hand I surprisingly received a royal fush for $8,000, and naturally I stopped.

After dinner I decided to play an Advanced Romp-Thru-Town (ARTT) strategy session on a 25¡/50¡/$1/$2/$5 machine. When four aces hit on $5, I counted out another $3,275 in profit and immediately went to the bank — where I deposited $10,000.

First thing the next morning I immediately went to the bank and deposited $10,000. Winnings that can’t be given back on a 4-day trip? Now there’s a novel idea!

Afterwards I checked into another hotel (Paris) where I stayed that night. I also checked into Mandalay Bay and was comped two tickets to the UFC 57 Championship Fight in the Events Center — which I gave to my friends (whom I had already checked into the Venetian for three nights) as a birthday/anniversary gift.

Thus far I probably put in a whole one hour worth of play, and after playing sparsely at Mandalay Bay, Paris and Venetian (and winning at each) I met a friend at Casino Monte Lago on beautiful Lake Las Vegas and transferred much of the winnings to their account while chatting for nearly two hours. All in all it was a $10,800 profit, which was generated from a mere $26 plus an unexpected $100.

Yes, this was a rewarding experience that would rarely happen. But ask yourself this: If it were YOU who hit the $8k royal along with another $3k in miscellaneous wins, and you still had three days in town, would YOU have run to the bank and deposited most of the winnings? Or would you have felt the need to keep on risking every penny, wrongfully thinking that "it’s the casino’s money and not mine" that you were playing with?

That’s one of the definitions of greed and unfortunately, it’s also one of the definitions of addiction. Those who recognize these traits and understand them are the ones who are or will be successful players.

Unlike ”˜advantage players’ you will know how to work within your own system and not be jockeyed around by promotions or any of the other kind of crap. In short, you will know how to reward yourself.