Earl Turner’s
in the Palace

Mar 13, 2006 5:02 AM

Let’s start the week with some wonderful news: Earl Turner is back performing locally! This is an entertainer you shouldn’t miss. He’s a class act on and off the stage. He had his own room at the Rio and now he is at Palace Station with his official opening tomorrow.

Of course, your columnist will be ringside to report all the happenings. If they keep the price reasonable for his show, we’ll have a winner.

What is happening to "Havana Night Club?" We haven’t heard a word. Is it going to the Paris? Well, I have been waiting, waiting, waiting.

Another new show is "Head Lights and Tail Pipes." It is premiering at the Stardust. Jeff Kutash is bringing in this show. Jeff and I go way back to when I was Disco Tex and the Sex-o-Lets and I was getting in films like "Saturday Night Fever" and others. He was one of the producers of "Splash." He is a choreographer, producer, and former costume designer. He brought in the "Main Event" with Bob Anderson starring. So let’s get ready for an old-fashioned T&A extravaganza at the Stardust with lost of fast dancing and loud music.

Do we all remember the wonderful Lisa Donovan? In 1974 I was performing and starring in Acapulco (the city) and Lisa was the star at the Hyatt Regency Acapulco. Lisa has worked with Don Rickles, the late Donald O’Conner and Mickey Rooney and has a show entitled Judy Judy Judy that’s all about Broadway. She has relocated here and is looking for a room. Her manager is Stanley Evans, of Evans Management, who would book me for years with Jackie Green. Welcome to Las Vegas, Lisa Donovan. What ever you need, you call this columnist.

Over at the Riviera, some new entertainment blood has arrived with a Japanese production show called "Matsuri." They say there is no musical like it, no show like it. They are calling it a "muscle musical" and it is playing during the day in the "Splash" showroom and Friday nights, when "Splash" is dark. The show’s arrival has sparked some bad blood between hotel President Bob Vannucci and its reigning star Frank Marino. Vannucci has said that the hotel’s shows "are dated" and that tickets sales for "Splash," "Crazy Girls" and Marino’s "La Cage" are down.

In announcing that he has kissed and made up with "La Cage" producer Norbert Aleman, and will remain as the star of the show, Marino, contrary to Vannucci’s claims, says "tickets sales are up this year." Sounds to me like a new cat fight is about to happen and Marino’s claws will be digging in!

But he might not mess with Bobby V. The story goes that Vannucci once tangled with Tony "the Ant" Spilatro and even threw him down a flight of stairs at the old Dunes. It’s a wonder that Bob lived to tell about it.

Being the character that I am, I’ve been asked to be a presenter on March 26 at the Best of Vegas presentation. The last five years I have been nominated at the most colorful and best dressed and now I am a presenter. This is one of the fun events of the year, very well organized and loads of fun especially if I could win.

I have such wonderful news. If you wondering where I get my marvelous rhinestone Versace glasses from, they all come from Eyes and Optics on south Rainbow and tell Dr. Malik that the glorious Monti Rock III sent you.

Has anyone seen or heard from Buddy Greco and Lezlie Anders? Last we heard they were moving to Palm Desert and opening up Buddy’s Place. Is that still a go? Did they move their animals to Palm Desert or did they find them good place for them to live here?

Also, is Bob Anderson still in Branson? We haven’t heard from him in a while either. We sorely miss our old friends in Las Vegas.

The wonderful Steve Wyrick has more lives than Morris the Cat. He has 30. When I first arrived, he was the upstart at the Lady Luck. Then the Sahara built him the most brilliant showroom of our time with helicopters and car tricks and then just like that, the Sahara went up in smoke. Then he went to the Aladdin to a beautiful little theater there. (And by the way, when is the Aladdin becoming Planet Hollywood? I’m waiting.) Now Steve Wyrick has the Steve Wyrick Theater in Desert Passage to open in June!