Books ‘Marching’ to
own contests beat

Mar 14, 2006 1:34 AM

There just couldn’t be March Madness in Las Vegas without a little betting incentive.

Much like the Super Bowl, where the NFL wouldn’t allow Vegas to use that SB term in any promotion, the NCAA has a fit over mentioning March Madness in any contest.

This mandate has caused many resorts to reword public promos, coming up with such innovative phrasing as Madness or March Mayhem. For those books that came forward to deliver the goods for their very receptive patrons, here is a brief rundown of the Madness activities.


The big push this season is for the —105 prices for each NCAA Tournament game starting with Tuesday’s play-in contest.

"To my knowledge, we are the only ones doing it," said sports book manager Mike Colbert. "We are trying to draw a higher volume and attract bit players, smaller players, any players we can. It will be wild down here and we’re looking forward to it."

Colbert said saving a nickel from the normal —110 vig (10 cents to the dollar) is important for bettors. Of course, there’s always beer and hot dogs available to console losing bettors.

"Every wager can definitely make a difference," Colbert said. "We are booking every first half and every second half in all games. We will have a lot of prop bets available and up by Monday afternoon."


Drawing tickets can be earned by making either a minimum $20 parlay bet or $110 in straight bets. A maximum of two sports tickets can be combined for the $110 in straight bets. Each parlay/straight bet must include at least one NCAA basketball tournament game.

Drawings will be held March 19, 26 and April 3 one hour prior to the start of the last NCAA game of the day. For more information, check the ad in GamingToday or stop by the Eldorado sports book.


The resort’s sports book has put up a $10,000 basketball contest with entries free with coupon to all visitors. Patrons can purchase up to five additional entries for a total of six. The format is to pick the winner of every game. No point spreads are involved.

Anyone correctly choosing 63 will be able to double the cash prize. There are guaranteed prizes for the top 30 places. See the sports book for complete details. The coupon can be clipped from the ad in GamingToday


The sports book is offering more betting options and higher limits for this year’s Big Dance. Included in the package are money lines and totals on all games, first and second half wagers, up to eight-team parlays, pro and college overnight wagering and women’s college basketball betting.

All college tournament games will be shown in the Race & Sportsbook.


Both the Boulder (East) and Decatur (West) locations will be offering a joint $10,000 March Mayhem Contest with signups going on through March 16. The prize money is $5,000 for first, $3,000 for second and $2,000 for third. The entry fee is $10 and each contestant is allowed five selections.

The format is for each winning team of the five to be worth one point. The top three point totals at the end of the promotion will win. All selections must be in by March 16 at 8:45 a.m. More information will be available at the respective AC sports books (4575 Boulder Hwy) and 740 S. Decatur Blvd.


The SuperBook will show the NCAA Tournament on all 11 Big Screen TVs. Free Madness T-shirts are available for $25 wagers on first round parlay cards. The limit is one T-shirt per person.