The rare ‘Call Shot’ ticket

Mar 20, 2006 3:16 AM

"Call Shot Top & Bottom"


Another variant of the Top and Bottom ticket is the "Call Shot Top & Bottom" tickets. On this type of ticket, you play the Top and Bottom pattern as before on the tickets we have discussed, but you must hit the pattern exactly to win.

For instance, you mark your ticket with a "15" on top and a "5" on the bottom, and you must hit these totals exactly to win. Of course the total that you mark on your ticket must total 20, since there are only twenty balls drawn.

This ticket was played for a few years at the Riverside Hotel in Reno, but you can’t play it there now. There might be another place to play it sometime, so keep your eyes open!

The best feature of the "Call Shot" is its payoffs. On a normal Top and Bottom wager, you get paid off more, the more unbalanced the call is. On a call shot, you must hit the exact pattern. Since it is obviously a lot harder to pick the exact pattern of the call, the pay offs are a lot better. Here is a representative pay off schedule for a "Call Shot" Top and Bottom, played for $2:


10-10                           $7.00

11-9 or 9-11                $8.00

12-8 or 8-12              $11.00

13-7 or 7-13              $22.00

14-6 or 6-14               $55.00

15-5 or 5-15             $185.00

16-4 or 4-16             $850.00

17-3 or 3-17          $5,650.00

18+ or 2-              $50,000.00


These payoffs are only representative. I no longer have the exact ones from the Riverside, but you get the idea. Note that if you want to, you may mark "18+ 2-" on your ticket, and play the 18, 19 and 20 all on one ticket.

Remember that these must be exact hits. If you mark your ticket "15-5" (15 on the top and 5 on the bottom) and the draw comes up with 5 on top and 15 on the bottom, you win nothing.

I have actually only seen one other "Call Shot" ticket, and that was a "Call Shot" ten-spot that Jim Bob Graham had in action at the Eldorado Hotel in Reno a few years ago. It’s an interesting concept though, and sure to be tried again!

Well, that’s it for this week! Good luck, I’ll see you in the lounge! If you have questions, email them to [email protected].