Boot Camp:
shoe-in to win

Mar 20, 2006 3:23 AM

Ever wish you knew the poker pros’ secrets for winning multimillion-dollar pots? Before now, the only way to gain such experience was to invest thousands of dollars and hours in high-stakes poker games.

But about a year ago, the World Poker Tour launched its two-day Boot Camp, which gives beginning and advanced players alike the chance to learn directly from poker champions enough card-playing skills to put them on their way to championship play.

Since then, hundreds of serious poker players have attended the Boot Camp, which travels weekly throughout the great poker venues in the U.S.

"The best way to improve quickly is to learn from the pros," said Lyle Berman, co-founder of the World Poker Tour. "This is tournament poker education in a safe environment ”¦ not at a table in a casino."

An intensive two-day seminar, WPT Boot Camp features an integrated curriculum that includes live lecture, archived footage from the WPT and interactive game playing.

Players receive the tools to fully understand the tells, reads and strategies integral to improving their game, regardless of their skill level.

Students also play in a private, multi-table tournament to win a satellite seat into a WPT main event, including air fare, hotel accommodations and other prizes.

The Boot Camp visited Las Vegas last weekend, where T.J. Cloutier, Crispin Leyser, Jules Leyser and Clonie Gowen participated as guest trainers.

The Camp will return to Las Vegas April 8-9.

A portion of the coursework is based on Mike Sexton’s new book, WPT: Shuffle Up and Deal.

Tuition for the Boot Camp is $1,695 and seating is limited.

In addition to the live lectures, archived WPT video footage, game play, and personal secrets from poker superstars, students receive hands-on training filled with tips and tools to help them improve their game.

For instance, students learn to identify their unique skills and the skills of opponents. They then explore the mathematics of poker, followed by instruction specific to Texas Hold ”˜em. Lastly, students will get instruction on how to approach tournament play.

In addition to the two-day Boot Camp, WPT sponsors an intensive three-day Champions Boot Camp, geared exclusively for the more advanced player. Students are screened to ensure their participation is appropriate. Not only do students watch and study today’s poker champions, they will go head-to-head with the champions in a private, multi-table tournament to win a $10,000 seat into a WPT main event.

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