Bally: name of the
game is Technologies

Mar 21, 2006 4:00 AM

When Raymond (Ray) T. Moloney founded Bally Manufacturing Company in Chicago in 1932, he could not possibly have imagined his company would evolve into one of the gaming industry’s technological giants.

Back then, it all started with a small wooden pinball game called Ballyhoo, which was followed by a tiny cast-iron slot machine called the Bally Baby.

Perhaps with a nod to the company’s storied history and legacy of innovation, the shareholders of Alliance Gaming Corp., the parent company of Bally Gaming, voted two weeks ago to formally change the name of the corporate entity to Bally Technologies, Inc., discontinue the use of Bally Gaming and Systems as an Alliance subsidiary and present a singular name and a united message.

Bally Technologies is now publicly traded on the New York Stock Exchange under the ticker symbol BYI.

"Our company made the decision several years ago to focus our energy and investments on being a leader in supplying technology to the gaming industry," said Richard Haddrill, CEO of Bally Technologies. "The recent name change to Bally Technologies, Inc. is a reflection of the progress we have made toward that goal and an extension of our long-term strategic plan.

"The signature Bally script logo is known worldwide and our forthcoming 75th anniversary in 2007 is a reminder to us and our stakeholders of the long-standing value of the Bally name in the gaming industry," Haddrill continued. "Given our enhanced commitment to research and development, the Bally Technologies, Inc. name also more accurately reflects our corporate identity as a true technology provider."

From technological milestones such as the first "bottomless slot hopper" and the first fully electronic reel slot, Bally Technologies will continue its path of innovation, Haddrill said.

CineVision, for example, is a new video-slot platform that features a revolutionary video monitor that uses the same 16:9 aspect ratio found in movie theaters and on the latest wide-screen plasma televisions. Enhancing CineVision’s absorbing gaming experience for players is a dynamic new surround-sound audio system, and an ergonomically designed cabinet with padded armrests that create a zone of privacy and comfort.

Another recent technological breakthrough from Bally is its iVIEW display, a dynamic customer-relationship marketing device capable of cross-promoting everything from gaming promotions to dining outlets and entertainment venues. The full-color interactive LCD touch-screen display is mounted in the slot machine to allow players to review their player’s club points, request a casino host, view entertainment and dining options, or anything else that a casino operator might want to provide. When customers insert their slot-club card, they receive a personalized greeting in full color on the iVIEW display. The system can even present customized greetings and other unique messages designed for specific players.

In addition, iVIEW also allows casino slot personnel to instantly access vital slot machine data, such as machine diagnostics, ticket transaction logs and repair/maintenance information in a much easier-to-understand format.

Bally also recently received industry accolades for its new S9000 multi-coin, multi-line reel-spinning platform. A respected panel of judges at the 3rd Annual Gaming & Technology Awards selected the S9000 as Best Slot Product for 2005.

With a history dating back to 1932, Las Vegas-based Bally Technologies has evolved as the world’s No. 1 gaming systems company. It also offers an array of casino management, slot accounting, bonusing, cashless and table management solutions. Additional information on the Company can be found at