Flamingo’s historic chips

Mar 27, 2006 3:32 AM

The Flamingo and O’Sheas casinos in Las Vegas have introduced a series of commemorative gaming chips in honor of the Flamingo’s 60th anniversary.

O’Sheas kicked off the series with a $5 St. Patrick’s Day chip. With a Leprechaun on one side and the O’Sheas casino on the other, perhaps the luck of the Irish will be on the player’s side.

The chip series continued with the celebration of the Flamingo’s 60th anniversary with a commemorative $5 anniversary chip that takes Flamingo players back to 1946. One side of the chip features an image of the hotel in 1946. The flip side features the Flamingo of today.

Comedian George Wallace is currently performing in the Flamingo Showroom. With the release of his "I be thinkin" $25 commemorative chip on March 31, players will be able to relay that spirit on the casino floor.

Throughout the year, various 60th anniversary chips will continue to be released commemorating the Flamingo through each era.

For example, one chip will feature the original Flamingo pool on one side and the current pool on the other. As the series continues to be released, each chip will showcase memorable moments throughout the resort’s history.