KDWN might go
all music

Mar 28, 2006 2:09 AM

I was a guest on Ira Sternberg’s KDWN radio show with our city’s best performer, Clint Holmes. Now, you know I like to work, but Clint is a work-aholic. His partial itinerary includes doing a special for PBS, a DVD, a CD, polishing his new Broadway show, the Best of Las Vegas award show and being honored for all his humanitarian work.

I’m hearing rumors that KDWN might be sold to Beasley Broadcasting and if it happens, it will become an AM outlet for an American Songbook-type station. If you recall, Beasley caused a local uproar when it changed its 103.7 FM format from KJUL’s easy listening rock to country. The KJUL format is now heard at 104.3 with my buddy, Duke Morgan, the driving force behind the station.

Lezlie Anders and Buddy Greco finally opened their Las Vegas-style supper club in Palm Springs last week. Buddy Greco’s Dinner Club will have two shows nightly from Wednesday through Sunday. Upcoming performers include Roberta Linn, Pete Barbutti, Barbara McNair and Fred Travelena.

The place will also feature jazz until 1:30 a.m. I didn’t know that the retirees in Palms Spring stayed up that late! Buddy will probably serve a lot of cottage cheese and cream of wheat.

On the Harrah’s front, I mistakenly reported last week that the T&A revue "Skintight" was closing. Well, it is closing for a week or two and is revamping into a country theme similar to "Buck Wild" at the Sahara. Harrah’s already has the Toby Keith bar and restaurant, so the move makes sense. Are they going in that direction in the main showroom, too?

Ticket prices for the duration of "Avenue Q’s" Wynn Las Vegas engagement have been dropped to $50 to $80 for early shows and $50 to $70 for late shows. The cheapest ticket used to be $88.

"Le Reve" tickets are still $99 to $121 on Saturdays and Sundays, but are $88 to $110 other days.

Over at the Hilton, "Menopause, The Musical" is an absolute smash. It is hot-hot-hot for those who need to think in terms of temperatures. My best gal Paige O’Hara is sensational as the soap opera queen. Remember, there are two casts and both are dynamite.

I went to catch Rita Rudner at New York-New York. She’s such a pro, but still cannot announce her new room due to contractual limits. She assured me that she has another venue. I had a wonderful dinner at Gallagher’s with her — the filet mignon was to die for!

The R-J’s Best of Vegas had Rita and Clint hosting the event and I had the pleasure of being a presenter. I would like to thank Joanne Downey of the RJ for doing a superb job putting together this event of the year! Myron Martin, who is also producing "Hairspray," along with Michael Gill, treat me with the utmost respect. Thank you guys!

The Flamingo just announced that George Wallace has added David Brenner to his show — this is a plus! But is the Flamingo going dark after Wayne Newton? Wayne is one of our true legends.

Rumor has it that Bob Anderson may return from Bransom, a Miss., and may have a room for himself ready and waiting — it’s about time!

The other day I went to the New Spot on the west side for some vittles. It’s billed as crazy country style food (sort of comfort food) and the breakfast was fabulous! The portions are humongous and those Belgian waffles were superb! The wait staff is extremely courteous and the atmosphere is laid back. Check it out on West Sahara.

The other night I was treated to the Louie Anderson opening at the Excalibur — the show is called Louie, Louie ”¦ yeah, Louie, Louie! He has lost so much weight after having a major heart attack, he bounced back and is better and healthier and funnier than ever!