Stars turn out
for Fla. event

Mar 28, 2006 2:17 AM

Carol, it sure is nice to be back home here in the entertainment capital of the world (Las Vegas, Nevada) for a few days to rest up a little before we leave again for our visit with the home folks in Oklahoma.

That’s where we’ll host The Oklahoma Johnny Hale Open Poker Tournament in Catoosa, on April 6-9 at the Cherokee Casino and Resorts, which is only a few minutes from Tulsa.

We invite all our friends to join us to play a few hands of poker!

I may even take them fishing. I know were the bass are biting and the catfish weigh in at 25 pounds plus!

This past week Carol and I were in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Our host was the International Poker Tours, who presented Charity Poker with the Stars.

Others who attended included Tom McEvoy, member of The Seniors WCOP, Poker Players Hall of Fame and winner of the championship of the WSOP; Rick Widdis, a Grand Prix of Poker winner; and Gary Shipp, who was awarded gold records for his talent with the original Rolling Stones; Scottie Pippen, of basketball fame, as well as many others.

Several different events were held to raise money for charity, including The Seniors Charities (my Carol is the president of The Seniors Charities).

The events were held at Nippers in Boco Raton and at the world famous Carolina Club and Rachel’s, a world class men’s club.

Our host (International Poker Tours) arranged for us to fly over to the Bahamas, where I played a little poker at the Crystal Palace Casino.

The beach was a beautiful white, and the water in the ocean was a blue green.

It had been a few years since I had gambled at this location. But I remember that they had a way of shooting dice back then — all you had to do was throw the dice over a rope in the middle of the dice table. But now you must bump them, just like here in Vegas.

I played a little blackjack and added their chips to my chip collection.

Then after we enjoyed a good lunch it was back to Fort Lauderdale where Carol and I played some no limit hold’em sit and go’s at the Hardrock Casino.

You folks know that I never talk about my winning or losing on these poker tours — a hundred years from now it will not matter if I won or lost — but folks may remember how I played the game.

Winning or losing is not really all that important when you are treated first class. For instance, we swam in a pool designed for Nickie Hilton (at one of her fathers Hilton Hotels), and she likes the water warm — just the way Carol and I also like it.

Yes, it is true that I did not win enough to burn up a wet mule, but I did win enough to get the fire started.

Come to my web it is free just sign my guest book and come on in if you want to see some of the pictures of the Poker Tours that Carol, Oklahoma Sarah and I go to around the world.

Oklahoma Johnny Poker
Tip of the Week

This comes to us from my old friend Bill Boston and his best selling book on Omaha Hi/Lo Eight and better limit poker.

In Bill’s book, Play to Win with the Odds, he gives a statistical analysis of 5,232 different hands: the best hands to play and the worst hands not to play.

Here are the top 5 best starting hands to win the money

1. A-A-2-3 DS (double suited)

2. A-A-2-4 DS

3. A-A-2-5 DS

4. A-A-2-3 S (single suited)

5. A-A-2-2 DS

For more winners, pick up a copy of Bill’s book at Gamblers Book Store or email me at [email protected]

Thanks, Bill, for the tip of the week.

Until next time remember to stay lucky.