Angels need to
stick behind UCLA

Mar 28, 2006 7:19 AM

Maybe Los Angeles really is The City of Angels, for certainly some kind of heavenly guidance had to apply for the Bruins to reach the Final Four.

And we haven’t even mentioned George Mason!

The results worked fine for me, having the Bruins and Patriots as underdogs in both the Sweet 16 and Elite Eight. Call each fortunate, but they’re tucked safely at Indy along with LSU and Florida.

The fact that No. 1 seeds Duke, UConn, Villanova and Memphis are sitting home reflect what a crapshoot March Madness has become — a procession of overtimes, buzzer beaters, bad calls, whatever.

Thanks to a 4-0 Thursday round, I was able to salvage a 5-3 week and bring the postseason total to 11-11. That won’t pay the bills, but it qualifies for one last try to the Mendoza line and take home money. at the window.

LSU -2 vs UCLA: I think we’re going to see a lot of lengthy possessions and UCLA coach Ben Howland applying pressure down low on Big Baby. Assuming karma is still in order ... UCLA.

G.Mason +5 vs Florida: I’m not sure the Pats can solve Joakim Noah, a mobile, charismatic big man. FLORIDA.

Florida vs UCLA: If Bruins get this far, John Wooden won’t let them lose. UCLA.