Win Cards create
win-win situation

Apr 4, 2006 2:32 AM

In recent years, table games in Nevada casinos have enjoyed a kind-of resurgence. One of the reasons is the use of Win Cards that help players understand the game and how to increase their chances to win.

"Any hotel/casino with a large business clientele will find the Win Cards Program is ideally suited for their customers,", said Robert Testi, general manager of the Westin Casino in Las Vegas. "We did."

"Business customers are not your typical casino visitor", Testi continued, "Very often they’re not familiar or comfortable at traditional table games, so if they play at all, its slots."

Business customers place a premium on time and convenience, Testi said.

"This is why Win Cards appeal to them," he said. "It’s a quick, easy way to learn the basics and try playing table games."

The Win Cards Program, a product of Gaming International Inc., of Lake Tahoe, is designed to attract new players to the games of blackjack, craps and roulette.

Tri-packs containing three small plastic cards, one for each game, are presented in a handsome 3-fold brochure. Each plastic card is a quick, easy hand-held reference that tells the player the basic decisions for that particular game.

Win Cards do not affect house odds, but simply reduce intimidation for novice players. The tri-packs are purchased for $10. In addition to the brochure containing the three cards, the player receives $15 in non-negotiable free-play chips and a "Dealer’s Tip" coupon.

"The convenience and fairness of the Win Cards deal is one that particularly appeals to a business clientele," Testi pointed out.

Testi said the scenario with the business customer is a simple one. As soon as he purchases a Win Cards tri-pack, he soon feels comfortable playing the game.

Moreover, there’s a good chance to customer will become a regular customer after the non-negotiable chips are played.

"The Westin is no different from many casinos that have hotels. Besides being a popular place for business travelers, we also attract large numbers of tourists, many of whom are new to casino gambling," Testi said. "The Win Cards Program is the perfect ”˜ice-breaker’ for them, too."

Testi added that the Win Cards Program passes the cost of introducing new players onto those who seek to learn the games. What’s more, it’s easy to track.

"After tracking this promotion for its first 30 days, we’ve determined that the positive response to the new program from many of our business customers has been so strong that I’m already convinced of its value and intend to make it a permanent feature here at the Westin Hotel/Casino," Testi said.