Cashing mystery progressives

Apr 24, 2006 2:42 AM

Mystery Progressives have four to six different levels of progressive bonuses which are offered in addition to regular base game awards. The mystery of these progressives is that they can hit at any time during regular game play.

Maximum wagers are not required to qualify for the bonus; however, the higher the wager, the greater the chances of triggering the Mystery Progressives.

Although the number of bonus levels varies by Mystery Progressives theme, all games offer customized bonus play which gives players the chance to advance through the increasing progressive jackpot levels. As long as you satisfy the criteria for each increasing level of play, you continue advancing to the next progressive level. If the criteria for advancement are not met, the bonus round ends and you are awarded the corresponding jackpot level.

Credits earned during the bonus game are added to your total credits and regular game play resumes.