Gordie set for The Venetian

May 1, 2006 12:13 AM

Though you read it here weeks ago, it’s been officially announced that Gordie Brown is having an 800-seat theater being built for him at The Venetian. It’s across from the Blue Man Group’s retail store in what was lovingly called the Adelson (for Sheldon) Ballroom.

Brown will open in August. Did you hear the screaming as I did from across the street at The Mirage when fellow impressionist Danny Gans heard the news? Gans isn’t fond of competition. In fact, I’ve heard that in his contract it states that other MGM Mirage properties can’t book impressionists or have acts even do impressions.

If you recall, Gans also "controls" The Mirage marquee stemming from his original contract with Steve Wynn, which reportedly said that when Siegfried & Roy departed the hotel, no other future act could have a larger image on it than Gans.

Does this include the new Cirque/Beatles production? I’m told yes and that there has been an ongoing difference of opinion concerning it. One would think that with the recent announcement of "Love," the show’s logo would already be on the marquee. But what do I know. I’m only an inquiring journalist and columnist.

I drove with my Rock Mobile to Lake Las Vegas where Chef Joseph Keller debuted his Bistro Zinc in Monte Lago Village. The food is to die for! Lake Las Vegas is extraordinary! The Ritz Carlton is one of the top-notch hotels! I can see why Céline Dion settled there! We have Concerts Under the Stars, a Havana cigar store and shopping. But it’s a long drive.

Over at Red Rock, I went to a very VIP event at Cherry. Again, they were generous with the water and the liquor, but didn’t respect my importance by moving me out of the reserved seating section. I went to the coffee shop at Red Rock where they have to get their act together, though I heard some of the other dining establishment are in full stride. And the garage was loaded Bentley’s and Rolls Royce’s.

Does the Suncoast and Rampart have to worry? I think not. The older locals, with their reward cards and comps, will return "home" after checking out the new place. The Red Rock is a masterpiece of architecture and beauty. I’ve heard that Steve Wynn has already checked it out. I hope he learned a lesson that money doesn’t always mean class.

Will find out sooner than later with Mr. Wynn already breaking ground on his next project, Encore, with its indoor swimming pool that will feature a retractable roof. It’ll be completed in late 2008.

Speaking of pools, I’m hearing that there is a major shortage of lifeguards in town and that more than 200 are needed by the various hotels — if only I were younger! Legitimate trained security is another problem, especially at the ultra lounges and the European-style (topless) pools. We all know that drinking and driving don’t mix, well neither does drinking and having breasts on display.

Steve Wyrick is spending this month performing in Atlantic City. He’ll return home in June, hopefully to get ready for a July 4 opening of his new showroom in Desert Passage. Another opening about to take place in the mall is David Saxe’s V Theatre. He’s adding intimate rooms on the second floor and will have two shows in each.

The Doors’ Jim Morrison died in Paris in summer 1971, but his music keeps playing. The surviving members of the band — Ray Manzarek, John Densmore and Robby Krieger — have been mired in assorted legal disputes in recent years, but word is that they believe it’s time to put their band’s legacy front and center. There’s even a plan to bring the Doors here in 2008. Jeff Jampol of Doors Music Co. said the surviving members and Morrison’s estate are negotiating a deal in the "tens of millions of dollars" to build a theater of 800 to 1,200 seats at a Las Vegas casino and tailor-design a standing show. Although the music of Queen, Bob Dylan and Billy Joel has in recent years been repurposed as stage shows, Jambol said: "We don’t feel a Broadway show or dance piece or circus piece fits what the Doors stand for."

The Scintas bid adieu to the Rio tomorrow night and head north to the Sahara with an opening slated later this month. Still no word who or what will replace them at the Harrah’s property.

The count down to Monti Rock’s 60th birthday bash continues. Invitations are looming. Just pray that you’re on my list!