Struck by a piece of the (red) rock!

May 1, 2006 12:30 AM

I hope it was just a matter of beginner’s luck in reverse.

I made the trek out to Red Rock Casino to try some of their Multi-Card Keno machines and ran into a stone wall.

Hopefully, this was just a run of bad luck. It would be difficult to accept that the machines could be so "tight" as a matter of course.

First, I was delighted to find some 10-cent 20-card keno games. The only other place I’ve played 10-cent denomination, Multi-Card games was at the Palms; most of the machines are in nickel denominations.

The problem at Red Rock was that the games didn’t pay the "full amount" on some of the pay tables. Specifically, on the 6-of-7 payoffs, the amount was less than the standard 400-1; it was off by 10 credits at 390-1.

That’s really not too bad. There were other Multi-Card games on the floor that paid even less for 6-of-7; they were set at 335-1.

Of course, the top award for hitting a solid 7-spot was still 7,000-1, but those don’t happen very often. In my case, it didn’t happen at all.

I believe the lower pay tables also pay less on popular payoffs such as 7-of-8, as well as others, but I wasn’t playing much more than 7-spots and 8-spots.

Beyond the string of losing sessions playing Multi-Card Keno, the Red Rock Casino is as nice as everyone says.

The crowds, however, don’t add to the enjoyment of playing or dining in a casino. When you have to wait 45 minutes to sit in the buffet, that’s not good.

Moreover, the section near the food court and the theaters tend to attract hordes of younger people, who unfortunately tend to be loud and unruly at times.

I hope I don’t sound like an old fogy. I like to have fun like anyone else, but I take my playing seriously. Thus my motto, Do Not Disturb, when at the machines.