Shuffle up for special kids

May 15, 2006 1:02 AM

Carol, I want to tell the folks today about a special charity no limit poker tournament event that you are hosting out at the Gold Coast here in Las Vegas at noon on Sunday (May 21).

You have arranged with the Gold Coast for this event, and want to thank Michael Gaughan in a big way for all the special children who will benefit.

Also, a special thanks to the poker room manager, Tagg, and all the dealers and staff who have worked so hard to help arrange this event.

Moreover, here’s a tip of the hat to all the wonderful generous poker players who make it all possible.

There will be a silent auction during the event in which the public and all the players can place a silent bid on all the items that have been donated by the families of the Sign Design Theatre.

These will include and show tickets, trips to the Grand Canyon, dinners and a lot of really good items. They’ll be placed on silent auction so folks can just leave their bid and phone number and they’ll be notified if they have the winning bid.

Besides some nice gifts, it all goes to a wonderful little charity for the special children who are hearing impaired.

Yes, I will invite everybody to come and play no limit poker for charity as well as money since cash will be awarded to the winner.

The game will be no limit hold’em, and there will be $25 rebuys for charity the first hour, with all the money going to the Sign Design Theatre.

I will play under a bounty, and I will donate $500 to the Sign Design Theatre in the name of the player that gets the last of my chips. Now, I will rebuy as much as I can and the player who knocks me out will have to be lucky because I am playing to win.

Oh, yes I will give a signed autographed copy of my book, "The Gentleman Gambler," to all the players that come and request a copy from me.

Carol, I am sure you will have great success with this charity event for the Sign Design Theatre.

I have played at the Gold Coast poker room many times and it is a great place to play poker. The food is good and it is a no smoking poker room, so thanks again to Tagg and all the dealers and staff for caring enough to help out with this very worthwhile cause.

Carol and I last week were over at our ranch in the mountains of Northern Arizona, and we dropped by the Cliff Castle Casino poker room, which is just outside the resort of Sedona

I played a little poker with the local players and ran into a lot of old friends and dealers from past years. If you find yourself on Interstate 17 just about 50 miles south of Flagstaff, stop by for a friendly game of limit hold’em ”¦ yes, they have other games and tournaments.

I sent this column from a strange computer at the library in Sedona. This is a rich arts community and we have vacations with the grandchildren here many times up and down Oak Creek Canyon. It’s such a wonderful vacation area.

Poker tip of the Week

Remember, when you are playing in one of Carol’s poker charity tournaments, you can only take the chips from the poker games down here to the big game upstairs.

So while you’re playing, keep in mind that you get to keep only those chips that you have given to charity while you were playing the game of life!

Until next time remember to stay lucky.