Grouping 7’s, 5’s make solid ‘ways’

May 15, 2006 1:16 AM

This week we look at a couple of way tickets that consist mainly of 7-spot and 5-spot ways. Both tickets are based on 12 total spots, with the largest group of three, and both tickets having kings (single numbers).

The first ticket is marked using 12 numbers, split into three groups of three and three "kings," or one spots. This ticket has both a nine-way-seven and a nine-way-five.

Since five plus seven equals 12 the number of seven-spot ways must equal the number of five-spot ways.

The sevens are produced by combining two groups of three with one king, while the fives are produced by combining one group of three with two kings.

In this sense the sevens and fives are complimentary, since a good catch on the threes will tend to produce a good catch on the sevens, while a good catch on the kings will increase the chance of a solid five.

A sensible way to play this ticket would be to play the 12, the sevens and the fives for a dollar per way, for a total of $15, while players with a more limited bankroll could play it for $7.50, $3.75 or $1.50 (at a dime a way.)

3 3 3 1 1 1

1 Way 12    3 Way 11     3 Way 10    4 Way 9

9 Way 8      9 Way 7       6 Way 6       9 Way 5

9 Way 4      4 Way 3       3 Way 2       3 Way 1

The second ticket is also a 12-spot ticket, marked using two groups of three, two groups of two, and two kings. This ticket has an eight-way-seven and an eight-way-five.

The sevens are made by combining two groups of three with a king, (two ways) one group of three with two twos, (two ways) and one three, one two and two kings (four ways.)

The fives are made by combining a group of three with a group of two, (four ways) a group of three with two kings (two ways) and two twos with a king (two ways.) If I played this ticket I would also cover the 12.

3 3 2 2 1 1

1 Way 12    2 Way 11    3 Way 10       6 Way 9

7 Way 8      8 Way 7      10 Way 6        8 Way 5

7 Way 4      6 Way 3      3 Way 2          2 Way 1

Although I don’t normally play sixes, either ticket is okay to play the sixes if you are a six-spot fan. Play them at the special rate if you do.

Well that’s it for this week! Good luck, I’ll see you in the lounge! e-mail: [email protected]