Cirque brings ‘Love’ to Vegas

May 29, 2006 12:58 AM

One of the more popular Beatles songs, All You Need Is Love, comes to life at The Mirage in the new Cirque du Soleil production, Love. There was a press conference to announce the show with all the suits in attendance, but the best dressed was the stunning showroom (the old Siegfried & Roy room), which has been enhanced with millions of dollars of upgrades (you can’t even smell the old cats).

The rumor is that Yoko Ono, Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr have all given their blessings to this show "Love." The title really has me confused. What is not to love about the Beatles?

Love joins a magnificent lineup of Cirque shows in Las Vegas: the sinfully wet and wild "O" at Bellagio; the surreal Mystere at Treasure Island; the sibling epic, Ka at MGM; and the naughty cabaret Zumanity at New York-New York.

Last week The Scintas opened at the Sahara. Naturally, they were magnificent, along with their staging, lighting and costuming. I urge everyone to see this show. The Scintas are are the first family of Las Vegas. Don’t forget that David Saxe produced the afternoon show, Dirk Arthur, Extreme Magic and the show has improved 1,000 percent. What else can I say about The Scintas?

Don’t look now but the Sahara has blossomed into an entertainment Mecca. Their offerings include Buck Wild, the Amazing Jonathan, the Platters and, of course, the fabulous Scintas.

Sunday marks the closing of Avenue Q. At this point, I’d like to point out that show couldn’t build a following because it is a New York production, and a Tony Award winner with a brilliant cast.

Steve Wynn thought this would be a winner, but even with the prices being lowered, it could not push the right buttons with Vegas theater-goers.

And what does it take to push Vegas theater-goers’ buttons? Take a look at what has lasted over the years. Talk about your common denominator style of entertainment.

Let’s see how Spamalot and Monti Python fare. We need to be entertained. It’s no mystery why Madonna sold out in two hours.

With the sale of the Hard Rock, expect prices there to go up (the new owners have already promised as much). At the other hip retreat in town, the Palms, the MTV set are buying $300 bottles of vodka and champagne. I don’t know these people are, but the clubs and ultra-lounges keep opening and they keep filling them up. Sin City is alive and well.

Was I right about American Idol? Taylor Hicks! I love you, Taylor. There is something about this guy that is different. America fell in love with the dark horse. I’m putting a saddle on him.

Over at the Las Vegas Hilton, there was a fun press conference in which Reba McIntire comes out and announces that Brooks and Dunn will also be at the Hilton.

That was a nice touch. Of course, Reba is a wonderful touch. Did you catch her hosting the Country Music Awards? Kenny Chesney deservedly won entertainer of the year. I thought he looked wonderful in his little outfit.

Around the corner on the Strip, the Flamingo announced that Toni Braxton will be performing. I guess it’s no coincidence that she was singing with Taylor Hicks on American Idol.

But, really, where’s she been? It’s been almost as long as Toni Tennille. Remember, she had that bankruptcy and she lost the gold record and she sued Baby Face. Where are the casinos digging up all these former stars?

At Caesars Palace, we have Celine Dion breaking every record at the Coliseum. At the Hilton, Barry Manilow is once again doing incredible business. The new Hairspray cast is brilliant at the Luxor.

I want to thank Hogs and Heifers for throwing me a wonderful party. Michelle and Jessica, you’re the best. To all my supporters, to all my fans, I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Not that we’re waxing poetic about me, let’s not forget my movie at CineVegas, called The Business of Monti Rock, III, and a play of my life called Ms Monti.

To all my readers at GamingToday, it has been a great 60th birthday. I have a lot to celebrate. I sometimes feel so honored and overwhelmed that I am read, respected and that I am adored. It’s good to be Monti Rock, III. It’s good to be the Full Monti.

On Memorial Day I hope you didn’t forget to honor the troops who continue to fight for our freedom.