Madonna hits the right cords

Jun 6, 2006 4:04 AM

I know Madonna is now in the rear view mirror, but I’m still hearing the whining of some local columnists about the air conditioning at her concert.

Here’s the thing, boys, say what you will but Madonna is the greatest entertainer. Yes, she’s no longer the Material Girl, but she’s ageless and priceless.

Regarding turning off the air conditioning in the arena, it was to protect her vocal chords from the dry air.

I know from my own experience as Disco Tex (and my Sexolettes), that I used to have humidifiers in my suite to keep my chords from drying out.

That’s also why you see great entertainers like my pal Clint Holmes drink so much water on stage.

When I first came to Vegas in 1968 to appear at Caesar’s Palace, I suffered from Vegas throat. Other singers informed me about the dry air and air conditioning. So, I learned early to protect my throat so I could do an hour show.

So, give Madonna and other singers a little bit of leeway. You’ll get a better performance as a result.

At the MGM Grand, the management team of Walter Macado, Bill Bakula and his beautiful Brazilian bombshell, Marriette, celebrated their engagement with a 10 carat diamond ring and a beautiful dinner at Wolfgang Puck’s place.

Bill Bakula is bringing in one of the most spectacular, dramatic shows to be seen in this city. It’s something different — not cirque, not variety, but something totally for the Latin and European market. This is the show of shows.

Over at Harrah’s, Greg Thompson has opened his new show, "Bareback," the hot rockin’ new country show starring The Wild Bunch and featuring beautiful girls and honky tonk music.

You might also know Greg Thompson for his Erotica at the Rio and, along with his wife Sonny Thompson, they produce Showgirls at the Rio as well.

And don’t forget we have David Saxe’s second anniversary in Desert Passage at the Aladdin, or is that Planet Hollywood yet?

As I have said before, Havana Nightclub is coming to the Paris, where The Producers have already signed a deal.

Gas prices got you down? You don’t need any petrol to get your motor running over at the Stardust, where Jeff Kutash’s Headlights and Tailpipes gives audiences a high octane dose of entertainment.

At the Sahara, the Scintas are settling in and making a few changes to their great show. And the crowds are getting bigger; they continue to rock the house all night long, as usual.

Now, let’s talk about Cirque du Soleil productions, and the Celine Dion show.

Celine’s A New Day seems to be doing the best business, though Cirque’s "O" at Bellagio is a huge winner.

Not that the other Cirque productions are second rate. They just don’t have the "wow factor" that "O" has.

Other shows in Las Vegas keep evolving. Rita Rudner has extended her engagement at New York-New York until August or October. Clint Holmes is ready to leave in October for a Broadway show in New York. Penn & Teller is still holding court at the Rio in their own theater. And Hairspray, with a new cast is superb at the Luxor.

The Phantom of the Opera opens June 24 at the Venetian in its new $40 million theater. This 95 minute production is a must see and will include every song from the original show.

I want to thank Hogs and Heifers and Michelle and Jessica for a wonderful party last week. To all my fans, friends and supporters, CineVegas, my film will be showing June 15 at 4 o’clock. One has to understand that Monti Rock, III is alive and thriving. To my editor David at -GamingToday, you get the medal for Best Editor in the World. Frank Leiberman, please get well fast. I need you, my friend.

A tip of the hat to Preferred PR for their support and Kirvindoak. I want to thank David and Diane Filter, and all the staff of English Garden Florists, the Florist to the Stars, for all the flowers, balloons and baskets. I want to thank my designers, Rene DeHaven and to my hair people, Teresa. It is good to be the Full Monti.