Bookies take split on fight bets

Jan 23, 2001 9:26 AM

The area sports books settled for a split decision concerning the Floyd Mayweather Jr.-Diego Corrales fight Saturday night.

The favorite Floyd Mayweather Jr. won in defending his WBC super featherweight title against Diego Corrales with a 10th-round technical knockout at the MGM Grand Garden.

The Mirage opened the fight with Mayweather -$170 and Corrales +$150. At the opening bell, the fight was at Mayweather -$135 and Corrales +115.

"We did all right," Mirage sports book manager Robert Walker said. "We had a lot more money on Corrales. Once we had it around Mayweather -$135 to -$145, we had great two-way action, which is rare in boxing."

On prop bets, Walker said the book took a beating on whether Mayweather would win by knockout. However, the book won by a narrow decision on whether the fight would go 12 rounds.

"It was a fight we could sit there and enjoy and not worry about who won or lost," Walker said.

At the Suncoast, Mayweather opened -$130 and Corrales +$110. The line closed at Mayweather -$145 and Corrales +$125.

"Early money went on Corrales and the late money went on Mayweather," Suncoast sports book manager Eddie Ricca said. "We got some two-way action. It pushed it back up. When the smoke cleared, they drove the price up. It was a push for us."

No 3-knockdown rule
for title fight

When Mayweather knocked down Corrales three times in the seventh round, the fight was not automatically over. That’s because in a championship fight, unified rules are adopted. With unified rules, both fighters can agree to waive the three-knockdown rule. In this case, Mayweather and Corrales both wanted it waived.

If it were a non-title fight, Mayweather would have been an automatic winner in the seventh.

The rule (and the bell) could not have saved Corrales anyway.

XFL odds

You don’t have to wait any longer to tackle betting the Xtreme Football League. On Monday morning, the New Frontier posted odds to win the 2001 championship in the eight-team league, which debuts Feb. 3.

The Los Angeles Xtreme opened the favorite at 3/1, followed by the Memphis Maniax 4/1, Orlando Rage 9/2, Las Vegas Outlaws 6/1, Birmingham Thunderbolts 8/1, New York/New Jersey Hitmen 10/1, San Francisco Demons 12/1 and Chicago Enforcers 15/1.

"On Saturday night, we were over at Boyd Stadium and we talked to some general managers and personnel directors," New Frontier sports book manager Rob Terch said.

As for betting limits, "Probably a nickel ($500)," Terch added. "With parlays, it will be up to five teams."