‘Big Table’ is filling up fast

Jun 12, 2006 3:38 AM

Carol, I regret to tell you that we need to add another name to the poker waiting board of those unforgettable players who will be waiting to play with us when we schedule The Seniors WCOP no limit poker tournament in the sky.

Since their inductions into The Seniors WCOP/Poker Players Hall of Fame, 12 of the members have gone on to play in the big poker game upstairs.

The players in this game are: Johnny Moss, Benny Binion, Bill Boyd, Hugo Meith, "Oklahoma Bob" Ensley, Johnny Wheeler, Jesse Alto, Jack Keller, Cowboy Wolford, Ken Flaton, Nick Segarich and Ron Weaver.

These honored poker players of The Seniors Hall of Fame are now playing in a full game with two on the waiting list. All of us other members of the Poker Players Hall of Fame are on the future waiting list to play in the biggest of all poker tournaments in the sky.

Now it is with regret that I must tell you that another member of the Hall of Fame has put his name on the waiting list to play.

So it is with a tip of the hat to Puggy Pearson who cashed in his chips in the game of life and moved up to the biggest of all poker games.

I will always remember this one of a kind poker player and he will be missed by me and all the poker rooms of the world.

I am sure that Doyle will allow me to share with you the player profile from Doyle’s room (web site) that is archived at www.guidetopoker.com.

"Puggy Pearson: I’ll play any man from any land, any game that he can name, for any amount that I can count (providing I like it)."

So read the legendary challenge across Puggy’s RV, the unsung hero of tournament poker. Thousands of poker fans around the world are making a living today because of the proliferation of poker tournaments, not to mention the huge cash prizes that are to be had; if they but knew it, they all owe Puggy a debt of gratitude.

Back in the heady days of the first World Series of Poker, when Benny Binion gathered the best poker players, it was Puggy who suggested the freeze out format that is used today the world over.

So, for all the tournament players the world over, thanks, Puggy!

There are poker players and then there are gamblers. Walter Clyde Pearson was — make no mistake about it — a gambler. His RV, named the Roving’ Gambler, was a testament to that, as was the famous challenge painted on its side.

Puggy, who earned that nickname due to his pug nose, was around in the beginning of poker and lived to see poker become a respectable game, in part because Binion launched the World Series of Poker.

Puggy’s learning experience with the game of No Limit Texas Hold’em began when he walked up to a table in a poker room and took a seat.

Deal me in he said, and proceeded to learn.

Why did he pick No Limit Texas Hold’em out of all the other games being played?

Because it was No Limit, and that was his style.

Some folks who are poor they could not afford shoes for their children often grow up to be miserly or thrifty to a fault.

But not Puggy. For him the opposite was true. Money became something he could get and give away, earn and gamble in huge amounts, starting when he joined the Navy at 16, when he began to learn the gambling ropes.

A member of the Poker Hall of Fame, Puggy and his enormous cigar were easily spotted around a table or coming to say hi to a few friends.

He was the third person to win the World Series of Poker, taking the championship in 1973.

While his health would not allow him to sit around the table of many poker tournaments in recent days, Puggy would often stop by to say hello.

Puggy was one of the original 10 poker players who were inducted into "The Seniors"

WCOP Poker Players Hall of Fame, and he accepted my invitation to come to the very first Seniors WCOP Tournament, down at Len Miller’s Oceanside Card Casino in California.

Puggy was one of the best and luckiest poker players that I have played with in my lifetime, and I am sure he will save me a seat in the big game upstairs!

But I sure hope the seat will be on his left; he raised me enough in this lifetime and when I get there I want to raise him now and then.

Poker Tip of the Week

It has been said that the average human heart beats 100,000 times a day!

A poker player lives for the moment. When his eyes see that he has royal flush in a no limit poker game and one of those 100,000 heart beats jumps up into his throat, when he bets the pot and another poker player says, "I call and raise!"

Yes, I lived that moment, just once, in the big one — the $10,000 buy-in no limit championship event of the World Series of Poker!

Until next time remember to stay lucky.