Bingo scam rocks Colorado

Jun 12, 2006 5:41 AM

A tipster in an Aurora, Colorado investigation led authorities to an alleged bingo scam that’s netted ten defendants millions of dollars over several years, according to the Colorado attorney general’s office.

The defendants, who were indicted by a state grand jury, ran some games off the books and kept profits for the house, according to prosecutors. They also are accused of setting up bogus nonprofits as a way to skim money for themselves.

Investigators are still trying to track how much money was made and where it all went, said Brian Whitney, a state special prosecutor.

"It’s going to keep us busy for a long time," he told the Denver Post newspaper.

Aurora police declined to comment on the case and referred questions to the attorney general’s office.

"They utilized forged, altered, or sham filings with the Colorado secretary of state to legitimize the operation, while profits were diverted to the individual members of the enterprise through a series of sham transactions," the indictment states.

The secretary of state’s office and the 18th Judicial District attorney’s office also are involved in the investigation. The secretary of state regulates bingo in Colorado.

The defendants are charged with 30 felony counts including forgery, theft, attempting to influence a public official.