Triple Crown won by #8!

Jun 13, 2006 6:25 AM

With Jazil winning an anticlimactic Belmont Stakes, three different horses gained a share of the Triple Crown.

So it’s Barbaro, Bernardini, Jazil and another year without a Triple Crown winner. Or was it?

Sitting with "Harmonica Dave" my horse-playing buddy, he believes there was a Triple Crown winner. I told him the harmonica had warped his mind. He reasons that Barbaro #8 wins the Kentucky Derby, Bernardini #8 takes the Preakness and Jazil #8 the Belmont.

I concede, Dave!

Of all the horses that entered, aside from Barbaro, I do believe Bernardini will turn out to be a "Superhorse" as his career progresses. Follow him to the Breeders Cup.

Another Belmont note: If you would have used the Kentucky Derby system of adding up the last three Beyer rating of all the horses, then added the four highest numbers, you would have run 1-2-3-4. We actually did this here at GT, but no one made the tri or super. Sometimes we just outsmart ourselves.


Shut my mouth!

Sometimes you can talk too much and it comes back to grab you. I was just saying last week how Sunday baseball has looked like a streak breaking day. The ink was barely dry and this past Sunday there were several streaks that looked like definite bet against teams.

The Cubs were at Cincy trying to sweep the series against the Reds. No way, I say. Well, the Cubs won the finale 9-3 to sweep. The Pirates were on the road in San Francisco trying to sweep three from the Giants. Absolutely not I say. Pirates win 7-5 with a late rally and reach for the broom.

I mean, when have the Cubs and Pirates swept two good teams on the road let alone win three straight games anytime? That’s not the end! Oakland visits the Big Apple trying to knock off the Yanks for the sweep. No way could this happen! Well, the A’s pull it out and win 6-5 for the sweep in New York.

The worst of all the road sweeps was the Mets domination of Arizona. Not only did the D’backs lose all four games at home, but they never had the lead in any game. And, it was the second straight time the Mets took four from Arizona in the desert. The D’back are now 0-8 over two years, and have still never led. Maybe they should just play at Shea Stadium.

The last road sweep came in La La land as the Mariners, who I did think could pull it off, coasted to a 6-2 win over a down Angels team. So much for Sundays being a streak breaking day. Just keep betting the streaks until they lose. That’s that!


Steubenville recycled

All of my loyal readers know how I love to reminisce about my younger days back in Steubenville. Well, with summer upon us it brought back fond memories of some of the smells, sights and feelings I was so used to when school was out.

Back then there were no airconditioners, so a walk downtown became a plethora of smells. There was the fresh bread aroma at the Steubenville bakery, used for the meatball on the hill "sangwiches" that were a staple at Naples Restaurant. Talk about a smell!

Then there was the meatmarket, its doors always open. You could smell the fresh meat a block away. I just loved a chip chop ham on Wonder bread with a slice of fresh tomato from the Farmers Market. Then a walk past the Arcade pool room (you could hear the balls breaking a block away) saw "Hot Dog George" pushing his 15 cent wieners with mustard and onions.

The smell of those dogs would drive you nuts. There was no way you could just eat one, especially for 15 cents. I remember the railroad track behind my house and the quick walk to the North End ball yard where there was always a pick up game of hard ball. Everyone got to play. There were no coaches, no moms or dads yelling at bad plays and no fights. Just some low level quarrels.

Anyway the smells and sounds are gone, but the memories will always be there. I feel sad for today’s youth. They either sit in front of their computers, spray graffiti on anything they can find, see crummy movies and listen to some real bad music. The only hard ball they can play is under someone’s supervision so they can prevent anything from going wrong.

To me, summer has lost a lot of its fun. School being out had more meaning back then. Now it’s too confusing. Just give me Naples and a nice meatball on the hill.