ESPN hits bottom in dominos

Jun 20, 2006 5:57 AM

In the past when it was so hot outside that you wouldn’t fight the heat and the dog didn’t want to take a walk, there was always ESPN to have some entertaining sport show. Not anymore.

Last month I thought that network entered a new low in sports entertainment. I would rather watch paint dry than a bunch of nuts hiding behind barriers shooting paint balls at each other. I’d prefer reruns of Green Acres than paint ball. In fact, I watched Arnold Ziffel the pig predicting it would snow in Chicago in June and it did.

Now that’s good sports prognosticating.

Well, ESPN has sunk even lower than paint ball and endless reruns of poker tournaments. Bring on the ultimate bore, a Domino tournament!

I tried to make a little parlay over at the Palms (they take virtually every bet) and parlay the Domino Blue team with Italy/OVER in the World Cup. Big boss Richie Baccellieri told me the Palms don’t take bets on Dominos. So, I turned to Pinnacle Sports on my computer and they don’t take Dominos bets either.

I just could not understand this so I contacted ESPN, but they had no idea. I can understand them not having a clue, especially with programming that includes Dominos and Paint Ball. I would rather watch curling than Dominos, paint dry or Green Acres.

The big question is what has happened to ESPN sports channel?

And, what about World Cup? What do these soccer fans do every four years, hibernate? That may explain their crazed attitude when they come out of hiding.

I tried to catch a nap in the sports book with the soccer game on and this guy asks me what the score was. I look up, rub my eyes and say 0-0. He says thanks. I guess I was correct or had a good chance at being right. Is the score ever anything but 0-0?

At least the U.S. Open was exciting, watching just about every golfer choke down the stretch. Mickelson’s was the ultimate choke. Tiger must have been just rolling over watching this big mess.

In the NBA playoffs, it looked like the Mavs were in control heading into Miami but they got swept. They may be pulling off a choke of their own now down 3-2 heading back to Dallas.

Baseball keeps streaking, both winning and losing. I misspoke last week when I wrote that the Pirates swept the Giants at San Fran and that the Cubs swept the Reds in Cincy. Both lost the first game, but took the final three. That’s almost a sweep, but I just can’t get anything by my astute readers. Thanks.

A couple of big streaks are still intact. Oakland has won 10 straight and Minnesota seven in a row in the AL. Those amazing Florida Marlins eight in the NL.

One nice losing streak I like is Atlanta dropping seven in a row and sitting last in the NL East. And the way Detroit and the ChiSox are playing, the Yanks may be out!

That’s it. I’m tired. Out.