When the losing finally ends

Jun 26, 2006 3:31 AM

Is it true that you can sense when a dry spell has ended?

I hope so. Last week at Palace Station I finally cashed one of my favorite plays: hitting all eight, solid 7-spots on a Multi-Card Keno (20-card keno) machine.

It wasn’t long after hitting that monster that the machine came back to pay off another solid 7-spot among the same numbers marked. (I’ve alluded to this pattern in the past, consisting of the 16 numbers in the "3" and "4" columns.)

I don’t think I’ve hit one of these jackpots — which requires lining up all eight numbers in the cross-over groups (the top four numbers in the "3" column with the bottom four numbers in the "4" column, and the mirror-image eight numbers).

Whenever I win something (or lose consistently), I’m always evaluating if I’m doing something differently.

As many of you know, my play requires "re-setting" the machine very frequently, as often as once every three or four games.

If there’s anything that I did differently this time, it might have to do with cashing out the machine periodically, say, once every 15 games, which is interspersed among frequent re-setting.

The "frequent re-setting" on the Multi-Card machines means returning to the menu screen then coming back to the 20-card game, without actually printing out your ticket.

For whatever reason, this strategy seemed to work, as I’ve hit other lesser jackpots in the interim.

I’ll keep experimenting with minor adjustments in strategy; hopefully we’ll hit on one that can pay off more consistently.

In any case, when you’ve defied the 230,000-to-1 odds, you have to feel rather fortunate!