Now valet parking stinks!

Jun 27, 2006 3:19 AM

Some friends visited me last week so I had to venture to the Strip on a Friday night, a place this guy stays almost as far away from as the I-15.

I had a better chance at getting 50 yard line seats at a World Cup soccer game than trying to self park my car. You need one of those systems in your car just to find the self parking garage, let alone a space once you get there. The best two places to self park on the strip are Wynn and The Bellagio.

Both have the same design that tells you how many spots are available in that particular garage. Each has easy access into the casino once you park. But, valet parking was the choice for a Friday night with everything jammed. In the past, you could just tip the valets a five spot and they would take your car. I decided to dig deep into my pocket and pulled out a $10, positive my car will be easily parked so I could go into the casino and meet up with my friends.

I try to be discreet and give the car attendant the saw buck but he looks at me like I am some kind of nut, noting the sign saying the lot is full. This guy would not budge and I wasn’t going higher than $15, so I had to go down the street and find a spot and walk to the casino. Back when, it was possible a $10 bill would get your car parked right out front and the guy would have been happy.

The town was fun during those times, with no assigned seating. You could give the captain a $10 or $20 and he would take you to a good seat. Then there were the cocktail waitresses — as much a part of Vegas as the gambling, the food and the shows. I can remember my first trip to Vegas and the cocktail girls were all gorgeous and friendly. That was before the unions took control.

Now my aunt Ne Ne could get a cocktail waitress job and she is in her 80’s! Sorry Neen I had to put that in.

Back then, the Keno runners were just as pretty as the cocktail girls. Vegas was gambling, girls, cheap food and being able to tip your way into a parking spot or a good seat at the Lido. Now we are jammed like sardines!

Cal Fair racing begins

The California Fair circuit opened and as usual the races start with a few Mule events. Well the first cloned Mule made his racing debut and actually won. If the Mule had been cloned after running the race, would it have been a dead heat?

”¡ If the racing industry is to survive in Nevada, players need something more than a few dollars to spend on food. They need a cash rebate system. Nevada books are in a time warp, especially with allowing the use of cell phones and computers.

Please someone do something!

Baseball totals down

A guy asked me why the Colorado totals were so low. He remembered when the Rockies were scoring 14 runs and higher. I told him it’s because of global warming. He would need to call Al Gore about it.

”¡ The Pittsburgh Pirates are on an extended losing streak, dropping 11 straight games. The good news is the Bucs head home. The bad is they play the White Sox.