Seniors find poker spotlight

Jul 3, 2006 10:09 PM

Carol, I know that there are a few thousand poker players in Las Vegas this month playing poker in the rooms all over town, and then there are a few out at the Rio playing in the World Series.

I will be hosting The Seniors World Championship of Poker at the WSOP on July 12, and we are expecting a thousand or more seniors to play in the tournament.

I have made arrangements with Gary Thompson, director of the World Series of Poker, to have an induction of Paul McKinney into The Seniors World Championship of Poker/ Poker Players Hall of Fame during the opening ceremonies of the Seniors tournament.

Paul won The Seniors event last year at the WSOP and defeated 824 other players to become the oldest person to ever win The Seniors WSOP/ WSOP gold bracelet.

Stanley R. Sludikoff, editor and publisher of Poker Player, acting as chairman of the advisory board of The Seniors World Championship of Poker, will be present to assist me and you, Carol, with the induction of Paul into The Seniors Hall of Fame.

There will also be many active members of The Seniors WCOP/Poker Players Hall of Fame present to welcome Paul as he takes his place of honor as the newest member of The Seniors Poker Players Hall of Fame.

Last Saturday, I was over at the Orleans playing in the 2006 Orleans Open Poker Tournament, the first day of their annual Open Poker.

Later this week, I will be hosting The Seniors at the Orleans Open on Thursday, July 6.

I have been hosting this event at the Orleans Open for the past several years. It is open to all players who are 50 years or older. The tournament will be no limit with a $225 buy-in and we always have a room full of seniors.

Yes, dear, there will be multiple $25 charity re-buys. The generous senior poker players always make a few hundred charity re-buys.

The Orleans Open will feature low buy-in events in all of the disciplines of poker and will continue until the championship event, a $1,000 + $50 No Limit Hold’em Tournament on Sunday, July 16.

Sorry, Carol, remember you made those arrangements for us to go on a cruise July 14, so I am sorry to say we will not be able to play in the Orleans Open’s grand championship event this year.

But we will be back in time for the final event of the WSOP, and also for the event across the street at the Gold Coast — the Private Party $200,000 Charity No Limit Poker Tournament on August 5.

This event will be by invitation only.

I will play as a $2,000 bounty. That means that the player who gets the last of my chips will receive, in cash, $2,000.

There will be 10 or 12 other well-known poker players who will have a bounty on them of $2,000.

First place will pay $50,000 plus all the bounties that the players can collect.

The other $150,000 will be distributed to the top finishers in the tournament.

Lots and lots of poker this month; it won’t be hard to find a game in Las Vegas.

OK-J Poker Tip of the Week

In Oklahoma we have a lot sayings about life and poker. Do you understand this one?

"It’s hard to go hunting, when the rabbits have the gun!"

Translated into poker talk, this means that when a novice poker player or lucky player is on a rush, you shouldn’t play against them while they’re on fire.

Until next time remember to stay lucky.