Setting standards for Nevada Gold

Jul 4, 2006 12:04 AM

One operating variable that makes a company serving the public great is consistency. A McDonald’s Big Mac tastes the same in Moscow and Milwaukee; a Holiday Inn room is standard issue in San Diego and Sin City alike.

The ability for McDonald’s and Holiday Inn to guarantee a "sameness" of product in all markets is what makes these brands a welcome sight of reliability.

Nevada Gold & Casinos, Inc. has entrusted General Manager Trevor Taylor and Assistant General Manager Eric Rose with the task of establishing standard operating procedures (S.O.P.s) for the growing gaming company.

Nevada Gold is a diversified gaming holding/investor and operating company with interests in casinos ranging from the Colorado limited stakes gaming arena to New York racinos and partnerships with Indian gaming facilities. The conversation with Trevor and Eric on property at the Cripple Creek Colorado Grande in early June clarified their roles.

While both gentlemen boast extensive gaming resumes, including beginnings in Lake Tahoe for Eric and a career spanning back to 1992 in Colorado for Trevor, the duo has only been at the helm of this property for three months.

During this time they have taken command of a boutique casino, originally opened on Oct. 11, 1991 and formerly owned by Stan Fulton of Anchor Gaming fame and later the Isle of Capri, and provided a framework for the property to capitalize on its assets and follow a new more prosperous direction.

The 1896 Farley Lampton building housing the Colorado Grande hasn’t seen this much action since the soiled doves plied their trade in the nearly adjacent Perle DeVere’s Old Homestead House.

With Eric’s expertise in direct marketing management, the internal database of players has grown four-fold in three months. Along with maintaining the compounding hygienic database, Eric is also overseeing the implementation of the PromoTracking system to complement the nuts and bolts data tracking features of Super PlayMate (both Aristocrat/CDS systems and the latter module not nearly as sexy as it sounds).

Through aggressive marketing that leverages the garnered information from the database, the Colorado Grande has recently reaped the reward of earning solid fair market share. The achievement of fulfilling this key performance indicator is admirable.

This success should be understood in the context that the intimate size of the property readily lends itself to the style of personalized hospitality and subsequent marketing the management is pursuing.

It is evident to the casual observer and industry insider alike that the property executes its endeavors with attention to detail. Unlike some casinos, the property is immaculately clean. Assisting with the physical presentation of the locale is the recent completion of a $2,000,000 renovation.

Some of the unique offerings of the property include the choice of slot players between playing with real clinging and clanging coin or with TITO (ticket in, ticket out), a limousine to transport premier guests to the nearby St. Nicholas’ bed and breakfast, and the jewel of Maggie’s restaurant, which has a separate entrance that does not require individuals to walk through the casino.

Colorado Grande is not without its challenges. The casino hosts a little over 200 machines or 4.24% of the gaming devices in Cripple Creek, no table games, no on-site rooms (but does contract with the nearby B&B as noted), limited parking with only 48 spaces, and only 3.09% of the casino square footage in Cripple Creek.

Nevertheless, the property receives solid visitation of approximately 2.5 trip visits per month from its standard level player and 3.4 trip visits per month from its premier guests.

The current and potential success of this boutique operation is why Nevada Gold & Casinos is utilizing the Colorado Grande as a beta site of sorts.

As referred to earlier, the lessons learned at Colorado Grande and interpreted by Trevor, Eric, and the staff will be used as benchmarks and subsequently established as templates for the standardizing of all elements of operation from means and methods of customer service to standardized casino floor operations for the entire company.