Love, Beatles style!

Jul 4, 2006 12:11 AM

I was so exuberant and excited about "Phantom — The Las Vegas Spectacular" at the Venetian, I went back and was again blown away by it all.

This week I went to the opening of "Love." We all need love, well, at least I do; the Beatle’s catalog, and, of course, Cirque du Soleil. The show at the Mirage for you Beatles fans, the music is timeless; the sets spectacular.

The theater is the old Siegfried & Roy haunt, though you’d never recognize it as it has been masterfully reincarnated. From the ushers in their cutsie baby blue bobbie uniforms and all saying Hello, hello, hello. But I keep saying, All We Need is Love. Paul McCartney was here to see the show. So was Yoko Ono.

The red carpet had stars, stars, stars. I was hoping to see Star Jones Reynolds interviewing for the View, or was it E. Oh yes, she got fired from both. It was an issue about her weight and her wedding because she got all those freebies.

But, my inside sources say that it was Rosie O’Donnell who wanted her out. Watching Larry King interview Star Jones, you could tell that he is a friend of Barbara Walters and did a very biased interview. Here’s how I see this. Star Jones, Star Jones ”¦ this is the best press you ever had. She is a lawyer and she can always get Court TV. Sorry to see you go, Star. It is not good to be bad to Queen Barbara Walters.

Last week I did a piece on Lance Burton’s 10th anniversary. Lance, I accept your apology and I thank you very much. He celebrated with his family, his friends, his cohorts and a bunch of bottom feeders — you know who I mean. But I love you and I thank you for reaching out.

As benefits go, there is one benefit, Michael Darrin, choreographer and costume designer, July 24 at the Stardust main showroom. We have to put that date and contributions for Michael Darrin for more than 40 years, doing shows from Mexico to all over the world. Remember, July 24 at the Stardust main showroom. Don’t miss this benefit.

Over at the Hilton, my good friend, Ira David Sternberg, has his live radio show from the Hilton, broadcast on KDWN 720. You can find him on the web at the and it is open to the public. Also at the Hilton, Barry Manilow is breaking records again. And, don’t forget Menopause, a little diamond.

Over at the Gold Coast, Forever Plaid is halfoff to military people. This show has improved immensely and is a hit.

Across the street at the Rio the Voodoo lounge celebrated its one year anniversary. I still marvel at the Rio, what a great venue.

The Scintas are picking up business at the Sahara. My favorite pal in the world, David Cassidy will be opening at the Greek Isles. When I was Disco Tex, he was with Chelsea Records many years ago. He is one of the people who opened doors for me in Las Vegas. I will always be indebted to him.

Also at the Greek Isles, the Rat Pack is back. David Brenner is at the Excalibur. Again, Celine Cion is breaking every record at Caesars.

Over at the Rivera, Splash, the musical will now do seven days a week and all the shows will be topless. This show has been running 20 years.