Stratosphere’s slot promo is a winner — guaranteed!

Jan 23, 2001 10:14 AM

The Stratosphere Casino Hotel and Tower has announced a unique and exciting slot gaming program which guarantees a win for Las Vegas visitors.

"Our new slot gaming program is a must attraction for slot players who are visiting the city from outside the Las Vegas area and seeking unparalleled gaming value", said Richard P. Brown, executive vice president of marketing. "This program is Las Vegas’ best gaming value because essentially we’ll guarantee a first time slot player wins. Not only are we reimbursing the players’ losses, but we are adding an additional 10-percent bonus to generate more winners at the Stratosphere."

The Stratosphere Players Club Guarantee program will cover new cardholders’ initial losses up to and including $125 for the first 30 minutes of rated slot play in the first 24 hours. The Guarantee program is available for slot play only, but includes both reel and video poker machines and is available for play on .05, .25, .50, $1, $2, $5, $10, $25, and $100 reel and video poker slot machines.

To qualify, Las Vegas visitors must be 21 years of age or older and play for at least 30 minutes (does not have to be for 30 consecutive minutes, but must occur within the first 24 hours of joining the Stratosphere Players Club as a cardholder).

The offer is available to Las Vegas visitors (residents of Las Vegas, Henderson and Boulder City are not eligible to participate at this time) who establish a new Stratosphere Players Card for the first time and is limited to only one reimbursement per account.

"Our goal is to make new friends and reveal the outstanding value the Stratosphere offers in all areas. We have affordable rooms, liberal gaming odds, great places to dine and fun and exciting shows at very reasonable prices," Brown says. "Now, we have a guaranteed win program to make Las Vegas even more fun for our players. This program is just another example of Stratosphere’s commitment to provide our players unmatched value."

Qualifying customers will receive their reimbursement and bonus vouchers in the mail, in addition to a room offer based on the guest’s play. The offer must be redeemed at the Stratosphere Casino Hotel & Tower in Las Vegas within the specified time indicated on the voucher.