Is World Checkers Tour next?

Jul 4, 2006 5:34 AM

There’s a ton of sports stuff going on so I will start with the most important and work my way down the list.

I hear that ESPN is in contact with the World Checkers Tour and they are negotiating a deal to televise the championships, which could last well into the NFL football season. When they play checkers, how do you know who gets red or black?

When I was a kid and played with my brother Tom, he would just beat me up and take red. I wonder if that’s what they do now. That would make it a little more interesting. I have not seen any fist fights yet in the dominos games that ESPN keeps running.

By the way I’m kidding about the checker championships. At least, I think I am.

Moving on down the line, football is just around the corner. Already there’s plenty of material that I am studying. The NFL exhibition preseason is just a month away and there are always some real good plays. I will have selections on all the preseason games plus best bests and my top plays.

Once the regular season begins there looks to be some interesting changes in the late night viewing on Sunday and Monday. We may actually get two late games on Sunday and have a Monday night double header. The NFL and the network will actually be able to add a game if there is more interest than the game previously scheduled.

The NFL does not want the non-betting public to be stuck with a bore and turn the channel. This has nothing to do with gambling. The all good and mighty NFL will have nothing to do with anyone making a bet on one of its teams. That would be a no no for them.

I just can’t believe that these pompous imbeciles really think that we as bettors or even non-bettors actually fall for their rhetoric. Even so, I do think that this is a very good idea that will increase interest and handle on the games here in Nevada, especially on parlay cards. Wow. parlay cards! They can’t come soon enough for me.

With two Monday night games, you will be able to make a four team parlay on the cards and there will be a lot more props available. So on my end, I am really looking forward to these changes. Finally the NFL is doing something good for us bettors, if in their wisdom they don’t know or understand it.

Moving on to the world of baseball, the All Star Game is next Tuesday, July 11 in Pittsburgh. Is there anyone who cares? I think I will bet on the blue team, no maybe the red.

Just another 10-game winning streak the Twins, of all teams, have rattled off padded my pockets. Their ace, Cy Young winner Johan Santana, has almost been untouchable and rookie phenom Francisco Liriano (9-1) was not good enough to be named to the AL team. He does have one last shot as the final addition, voted on by the fans.

I was forced to make a little wager on Monday’s Twins-Royals game as the run line for the Royals was +1½ runs (+165) against Santana. I can’t remember the last time I saw a +1½ run line this high and KC has been playing competitive of late. The game was over by the time GamingToday hits the street but KC could be a good play on the run line in this series.

Just watching baseball this past weekend was a real chore, watching the manager over-manage and pitchers being yanked just because of a pitch count. It’s just so difficult for a pitcher nowadays to get a complete game, no matter what the score is. He could be up 10 runs and they will do the old pull job.

I’m sure most of you don’t remember Hall Of Famer Robin Roberts, but this was a real pitcher like some of the thoroughbred iron horses like John Henry. During his time with the Philadelphia Phillies, Roberts had a streak of 28 consecutive complete games. That’s more than most pitchers get in their career nowadays.

Then there’s Harvey Haddix. The Pittsburgh icon had taken a perfect game into the 13th inning only to lose. I actually listened to that game while lying in bed with my father. I still have such a vivid memory of that night. Not just 12 innings, but 12 perfect innings — no walks, no nothing. Nobody reached base. That’s two or three quality starts for a pitcher in 2006.

There is news of a new Horse Racing contest that Paris and Bally’s will be running soon. We will have to beat Big Al. I will have the details in next week’s issue.

Hope everyone has a happy and safe Fourth of July. Remember, be proud to be an American. We are a very fortunate country.