Video poker has all the right moves

Jul 10, 2006 5:54 AM

How often have you heard people say "I need to find a game that doesn’t keep taking my money."

Well, I went through that phase once when I found video poker long-term strategy not to be all that it was advertised to be, so I chose blackjack as my new game. I just knew it was the right choice.

Thankfully, I never started playing it. When I discovered that most or all of those who write the books on basic strategy and advanced counting techniques ”˜used to win,’ I started to think: Why don’t they play professionally any longer? Why are they moving out of Las Vegas at such an alarming rate?

Also very curious is why do many of them now sell so much paraphernalia, have web sites asking for our credit cards at every turn, now play video poker more often than not, and/or employ online casino ads for additional income?

What’s the matter guys, is it not the dream you made believe it was at the start?

That — and discovering how difficult it is to get comps compared to playing video poker — put a nix on blackjack once and for all.

Okay, so what about slots? Do you like slot machines? I do, but only if I hit a meaningful winner. Actually, the only slot I play is the Megabucks machine if I happen to walk by one and it’s flashing something over $20 million. One positive they do have is that the comps and points rack up two and three times faster than on video poker machines. Too bad the losing is four times as fast.

Throw in the trials and tribulations of dice, poker, other table games and sports betting, all of which constitutes my continued belief that video poker is the only casino game to play successfully. You go at it alone, you bother no one and you have a choice of allowing no one to bother you, and you can do it all at your own pace and on your own time.

You also have a choice of being tracked with your slot club card, or not using one and doing it all under the radar — as I at times do.

When I do use a card I do so effectively so the most offers will come my way. And when they do, I only return on MY schedule and if I want to.

This is all such a far cry from all the other games. I don’t like eyes starring at me from across a table or next to me. I have no interest in having fun while losing. And I don’t wish to need to pretend I know how to pick a winner in a sporting event when all it really is a huge guessing game that tries to out guess the sharpie at the other end. I prefer winning, and that’s video poker.