Barry keeps croonin’

Jul 10, 2006 11:26 PM

This week Barry Manilow’s show, Music and Passion, received two Emmy nominations. He also has a top selling album, The Greatest Songs of the Fifties. Barry Manilow has a top notch show, wooing his fans with all their old favorites and some new ones. His love of performing is evident. His concerts are sold out across the United States. Don’t miss him at the Hilton.

Let’s not forget this week the Legendary Artist, Elton John is back at the Coliseum with his show, The Red Piano. This artist has no problem filling the 4,000 seat Coliseum. You have to give it to Elton. He’s already sold out.

At the Stardust, the abrupt closing of the T&A show, Headlights and Tailpipes was not a shock to most of us. Jeff Kutash has an incredible reputation on many levels, and is noted here for producing the great hit Splash 20 years ago. He has survived scandal after scandal and then three years ago came back with the main event at Venetian. Now with the latest closing, what is the future for Jeff?

Talking about producers, David Saxe, who has Buck Wild at the Sahara and V — The Ultimate Variety Show at the Aladdin Desert Passage, to name a couple, has more shows than anyone in town.

I went to the Mall and there I saw the biggest poster of Steve Wyrick staring me in the face. Steve was everywhere, inside and outside, Steve Wyrick is coming. When? His theater should be opening any day now and what can we say about Steve Wyrick, except that he has more lives than a cat with nine lives.

The other night I went to a sneak preview of Shag With a Twist at Krave, a musical murder mystery set at a 1960s Tupperware party. Now, this is a very unique presentation of a new kind of show. It is an honest rendition of the 60s, that has to be seen. Very sophisticated. Very innovative.

At the Wynn, how is Monty Python’s Spamalot? What does it have to offer us in entertainment? Wynn took over and bought out LeReve, but I say that it was actually improving. This columnist always tries to give you his point of view. My point of view is, are there that many people for these shows and that many seats?

There’s lots of movement right now. How is Toni Braxton opening at the Flamingo going to fare? Now, is Wayne Newton going to Harrah’s? Rita Rudner is going to Harrah’s. Clint is leaving his showroom in October to go to New York.

My wonderful friend Mimi Hines and my entourage, Bill Moore and my designers all went to see Carol Lawrence and her son at the Suncoast. She was once married to Robert Goulet and they have a son. Again, see them at the Suncoast.

Let’s not forget Liza Minnelli, one of the great talents of our time, will be appearing at the Luxor. Liza and other entertainers will be showcased in the theater vacated by Hairspray until yet another cirque show opens.

Darlings, I think we should just keep Liza. We have enough Cirque shows, anyway. She is in the midst of a nasty divorce. I would have smacked that husband.

Last but not least, to all of the stars, Hollywood gossip, is that the Aaron Spelling mansion is up for sale for $200 million. Did John Voight make up with Angelina? Angelina, call your father, call your father.